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Achieving Total Darkness with LightLock™ Blackout System

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Hunter Douglas LightLock™ system with Duette® black out blinds, blackout shades near Chicago, Illinois (IL)

If you’ve ever turned in for the night, ready for some much-needed rest, but a stray light shining in through the small space between your blackout curtains and your wall has kept you awake, then you need LightLock™. 

What is LightLock™?

The novel, ultra-light-reducing system from Hunter Douglas is an absolute must-have for sensitive sleepers nationwide. While blackout blinds, shades, or curtains may eliminate most unwanted light from penetrating your home, your window treatments alone may not be enough to safeguard your space from stray headlights and street lamps completely.

Small spaces between your window treatment and your wall or window cases can let stray light beams sneak past your blackout blinds. The LightLock™ system from Hunter Douglas seeks to solve this issue. 

Hunter Douglas LightLock™ system with Duette® black out blinds, blackout shades near Chicago, Illinois (IL)

How Does it Work?

The LightLock™ system uses U-shaped side panels that overlap the front and back of your shade to prevent light leakage at the source. Rows of micro-ridges not only block light from passing through; they take it a step further and deflect almost all incoming light. 

When combined with honeycomb shades, this revolutionary technology results in the best light prevention system on the market. You’ll never have to worry about your sleep being disrupted or a movie losing its magic because of a stray sliver of light. 

Total Black Out Blinds

Cellular, or honeycomb, shades are already known for their light-reducing and energy-efficient qualities. Made from fabric folded into honeycomb-shaped cells, these window treatments are engineered to provide incredible protection from light, noise, and energy loss. 

The LightLock™ blackout system works exclusively with Hunter Douglascellular shades to provide the ultimate light-blocking experience. In addition to the light-reducing aspect typical of cellular shades, consumers who add LightLock™ can appreciate the extra protection guaranteeing them a peaceful evening. 

Hunter Douglas LightLock™ system with Duette® black out blinds, blackout shades near Chicago, Illinois (IL)

Block Out Light, Only When You Need To

You likely don’t want your home to be in the dark during all hours of the day. Even with the LightLock™ panels installed, you can still freely operate your window treatments as you wish. Raise them halfway to let in some natural light while still enjoying your privacy, or lift them completely to take in your expansive view. 

Make your life even easier by experiencing the benefits of automated window treatments. With motorized shades, your window coverings work for you. Program your shades to raise and lower at pre-determined times throughout the day, like at sunrise or when you get home from work. Want to deviate from the schedule? Just ask your smart home assistant to adjust your cellular shades for you! Experience the ease of honeycomb shades coupled with the LightLock™ system and PowerView® Automation

Blackout Blinds in Chicago

The window treatment experts at JC Licht love the light-reducing benefits of honeycomb blinds. Visit us in person or schedule your in-home consultation to see why your home deserves premier cellular shades with LightLock™

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