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Natural-Looking Window Treatments

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Hunter Douglas Parkland® Wood Blinds, wooden shutter, faux wood blinds, interior design near Chicago, Illinois (IL)

Natural-Looking Window Treatments

Natural elements in interior design have been popular in recent years; This trend continues to grow strong as we move into 2023. At JC Licht, we pride ourselves on helping Chicagoans achieve their dream homes. When it’s finally time to bring home the natural aesthetic of your dreams, there’s no better place to start than at your windows!

Natural Aesthetic

Natural woods, organic hues, and Scandinavian styles are some of the trendiest interior design styles. (Be sure to read our interior design style guides to stay in the know on all the best home decorating tips.) Homeowners love the calming energy that neutral tones bring into the home. 

The natural home aesthetic is exactly what it sounds like. Organic materials and textures are a focal point of this style. Wood, grasses, and jute make themselves at home, while lively accents, like linen and greenery, add dimension. 

Natural light enhances any interior design style, and that is especially true for natural aesthetics. Finding window treatments to enhance natural light while making sure they have an organic look is key. We recommend wooden shutters or faux wood blinds to bring the outdoors inside.

Hunter Douglas Parkland® Wood Blinds, wooden shutter, faux wood blinds, interior design near Chicago, Illinois (IL) Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are one of the most popular and instantly recognized window treatments. Wood or faux wood blinds can be found in just about every home across the country, and for a good reason! They are stylish, durable, and functional. 

Hardwood Blinds

Genuine hardwood blinds from Hunter Douglas are crafted from ethically-harvested, natural hardwood and constructed to the highest standard. A true investment piece, classic wood blinds will last you for years with the proper care and maintenance. Choose one of many stain colors, slat sizes, and cord options to customize your wood blinds. 

Faux Wood Blinds

If you have a more active household or live in an area prone to high temperatures and humidity, then you might prefer to invest in faux wood blinds. Although they aren’t made from genuine wood, faux wood blinds will achieve the same natural look. The wood grain look is created from a high-resolution print layered on top of the composite material. Enjoy the natural look of wood blinds without worrying about children, pets, or weather affecting the look!

Wooden Shutters

Plantation shutters are, without a doubt, the most popular window treatments of 2022. Shutters are stunning, versatile, and practical. No matter what style you go with, new wooden shutters can instantly elevate any room in the house. 

To dive deep into the natural organic home aesthetic, opt for plantation shutters made from light-colored wood. Compared to traditional shutters, plantation shutters feature wider louvers. The slats will more closely resemble actual pieces of lumber to give your home an Earthy feel. Plus, larger louvers leave more room for rays of sunlight to cascade into your home when you open your shutters. 

Hunter Douglas Parkland® Wood Blinds, wooden shutter, faux wood blinds, interior design near Chicago, Illinois (IL)

Natural Window Treatments in Chicago and the Midwest

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