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Honeycomb Design Theory: The Science Behind Cellular Shades

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Hunter Douglas Duette® Cellular Shades, honeycomb blinds, cellular blinds at JC Licht near Chicago, Illinois (IL)

We’ve written about cellular shades multiple times on our blog. They are one of the most energy-efficient window treatments on the market, but how exactly do they manage to save so much on your energy bill?

Cellular Shades 101

Before explaining the engineering behind honeycomb blinds, let’s take a moment to discover what they even are. Cellular blinds are a type of window blind made from fabric instead of wood or faux wood. One continuous piece of fabric is creased and fused together to make air-filled pockets, resembling the slats on traditional blinds. 

Homeowners love honeycomb blinds because they help prevent energy loss. As much as ⅓ of your home’s heating and cooling costs can escape through the window. Poor insulation and thin windowpanes can exacerbate this issue. By adding another layer of protection, homeowners can stop unwanted airflow and lower their energy bills. But how exactly do cellular blinds fit in?

An Energy-Efficient Window Treatment

When building or renovating a home, many contractors choose to use spray foam insulation. The light material creates bubbly air pockets that trap cold air from passing through. More bubbles mean more air pockets which means better insulation. This same theory is precisely how honeycomb shades work. 

The honeycomb-shaped pockets limit unwanted airflow and prevent cold air from seeping in through your windows. Instead of moving through the windowpane, outside air is trapped within one of the cellular air pockets. Honeycomb shades stop cold drafts at the source.

Hunter Douglas Duette® Cellular Shades, honeycomb blinds, cellular blinds at JC Licht near Chicago, Illinois (IL)

Other Honeycomb Blind Benefits

While energy efficiency and lowering your heating and cooling costs may be the primary reason for installing cellular shades, homeowners can also enjoy increased privacy and sound-dampening benefits. 

In the same way, the honeycomb-shaped pockets trap air from passing through, which helps dampen sound. Especially in dual honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb designs, the sound waves have much more fabric to move around. Much of the noise is absorbed by the soft fabric of the shade— this helps keep your home quiet!

Cellular shades are also an excellent choice for homeowners looking for more privacy. Window treatments made from fabric rather than wood are a practical choice for anyone hoping to block out the outside world. Limit unwanted eyes from peering into your home and prevent stray headlights and streetlamps from disturbing your movie night. 

Cellular Shades at JC Licht

The window treatment experts at JC Licht love the energy-saving benefits of honeycomb blinds. Visit us in person or schedule an in-home appointment to see why your home deserves cellular shades!

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