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What is a Tilt Turn Window (and why do you need one)?

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Hunter Douglas Duette® cellular blinds, tilt and turn windows, tilt windows, near Chicago, Illinois (IL)

What is a Tilt-Turn Window (and why do you need one)?

Tilt & turn windows are one of the newest trends in home architecture. These versatile windows give homeowners ultimate control over their homes' temperature. Find out why we love them and how you can outfit your home!

What Are Tilt-Turn Windows?

Most windows function by tilting open at an angle or swinging open like a door, but sometimes you need the best of both worlds. Tilt-turn windows use both operating systems, allowing you to choose which way to use your window. 

Tilt windows look practically identical to casement windows, which feature a singular, solid piece of glass. Casement windows usually open from the vertical edge, like a book, and are generally operated with a crank or handle. Tilt & turn windows appear similar at first glance. Upon further inspection, homeowners are always delighted to discover that, unlike casement windows, their new tilt windows open along the horizontal edge and the vertical edge. 

Benefits of Tilt Windows

Overall, tilt windows' flexibility is a significant draw toward this type of window. Windows are one of the most sought-after features in a home, so it's essential that you like the way they work. 

When you open a window along the vertical edge as if you're opening a door, you can typically open it as wide as you wish. This is perfect for warm days or when you want to enjoy a breeze coming in. 

The other way to open the window is along the horizontal edge. Use the handle to pull the top of the window out so that it sits at an angle and the opening is at the top. Opening it like this prevents rain from getting into your house. 

It is also a better option for security purposes— the opening is too small for anyone to fit through. And you won't have to worry about small children trying to make an escape through the window!

Hunter Douglas Duette® cellular blinds, tilt and turn windows, tilt windows, near Chicago, Illinois (IL)

Outfitting a Tilt & Turn Window

Since tilt turn windows open more than one way, they need careful consideration when it comes to window treatments. The best options are ones that can sit on the window frame rather than the actual window, such as drapery, so as not to prevent the window itself from functioning correctly. Lightweight window treatments like cellular blinds or roller shades are also a fantastic choice. 

Duette® Cellular Shades with TrackGlide offers innovative design with easy operation and installation. Duette® with TrackGlide can be installed without the use of screws or fasteners, so can enjoy cellular shades on your tilt turn windows without unsightly screws or fasteners or holes in the window itself. Customize the color of the hardware to match your windows with options in black, brass, bronze, pewter, or white. Duette® with TrackGlide is an ideal choice for outfitting your tilt turn windows. 

Consider opting for motorized window treatments for your tilt turn windows! Sleek and sophisticated, automatic blinds are as functional as they are beautiful. Since tilt windows are all about practicality, it only makes sense to open and close them with an easy remote, a mobile app, or with your home automation assistant. 

Window Treatments for All Windows

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