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Everything We Love About Continuous Cord Loops

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Hunter Douglas EasyRise™ continuous cord loop blinds offer many safety benefits. Blinds near Chicago, Illinois (IL)

Everything We Love About Continuous Cord Loops

Purchasing new window treatments is an exciting endeavor but also one that includes many choices to make. One decision is what kind of operating system you'd like your new blinds to have. Continuous cord loops are growing in popularity and are a fantastic choice for homes all across the country!

What Are Continuous Cord Loops?

Although you may not know them by name, you likely have used continuous cord loop blinds before. They are popular among businesses and hotels, and they are becoming a more common choice for homeowners. 

Cord loops are a way to operate blinds or shades. Instead of two separate strings, common on standard blinds, cord loops are made of one continuous cord wrapped around the top part of the blind. They function quite similarly to a pulley system. If you pull on one strand, the blinds will open. Pull on the other, and the blinds will close. 

Hunter Douglas EasyRise™ continuous cord loop blinds offer many safety benefits. Blinds near Chicago, Illinois (IL)

Why We Love Continuous Cord Blinds

No matter the definition, we're here to answer the question on everyone's mind: why are cord loops better than standard locking strings?


As one of the more simple window treatment control options, continuous cord loops are compatible with an extensive array of blinds and shades! Whether you prefer wood blinds, roller shades, sheers, cellular blinds, or roman shades, you'll enjoy cord loops' convenience and safety benefits. 


Standard blinds feature long, dangling strings— to control the blinds, you have to pull on these strings. Unfortunately, these loose strings can be a major hazard for homes with young children and pets. 

Every year, children and pets are at risk of injury because of blind cords.Continuous cord loops eliminate this problem, and, when properly installed, will help make your home a safer environment for your family. Without long strings, small children and pets can't reach the cord loops. If they do, there's a much lower risk of injury. Opting for continuous cord loop blinds or window treatments is one of the simplest ways to make your home safer for young ones and animals.

Easy to Use

The strings on standard blinds and shades seem easy to use, but they can be quite finicky. The strings get tangled and you have to spend what feels like hours untying an impossible knot. For particularly sturdy blinds or heavy drapery, attempting to move them with standard pulls can feel arduous. 

All of this changes with continuous cord loops. There is only one cord, rather than several, which can be nearly impossible to tangle. If your cord loops do get a bit messy, just untwist them to straighten them out! Additionally, adjusting heavy window treatments is made much easier because of the pulley-like system featured on continuous cord loops. The days of straining to adjust your jacquard drapes are over!

Continuous Cords in Chicago

With multiple locations across Chicagoland, we are ready to help you with your home improvement needs, including continuous cord loop blinds, Benjamin Moore paints, Hunter Douglas window treatments, and more. You can count on JC Licht to Make it Happen! JC Licht is the preferred provider of Hunter Douglas products for the Midwest and Chicagoland. Contact us today to learn more!

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