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How to Beat the Chicago Cold This Winter

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Staying warm this winter, Hunter Douglas energy-efficient window treatments at JC Licht near Chicago, Illinois (IL)

The windy city isn’t only known for its gusty weather- the stinging Chicago cold makes for a notoriously chilly winter season. Luckily, there are many winter things to do in Chicago, both in your home and around the city, to keep you warm throughout this brisk time of year!

Beat the Chicago Cold At Home

It often feels like everyone turns into a homebody during the winter. Our advice? Embrace it! The frigid weather is your perfect excuse to transform your home into the coziest place on the block. 

Blankets and Throws

Who doesn’t love a soft, fuzzy blanket, especially when the weather outside is quite frightful? Throw blankets and pillows instantly turn your cold space into one that demands lazy days snuggled up on the sofa. For even more comfort, mix and match patterns and textures. Try a knitted blanket paired with a plaid throw pillow for an irresistibly warm Chicago living room.

Window Treatments

When the temperatures are freezing outside, it’s essential to keep your warm air inside your home. As much as 30% of your home’s heating and cooling costs escape through your windows; go right to the source to keep your home warm for the winter. Enlist the help of energy-saving window treatments like cellular blindsroller shades, and drapery

These energy-efficient window treatments add an additional layer of protection between your window and the elements, keeping the cold weather out and your warm air in! New window treatments are a must to beat the Chicago cold.

Staying warm this winter, Hunter Douglas energy-efficient window treatments at JC Licht near Chicago, Illinois (IL)

Winter Things to Do In Chicago

When it’s finally time to venture out into the cold, every snow day offers endless possibilities. Take advantage of the magical sights that come with the Chicago cold and enjoy these wintery activities.

Ice Skating

Would it really be winter if you didn’t go ice skating? You can find several festive places around the city to participate in this essential winter activity. We love the ice rink at Millenium Park, which features stunning city views and an up-close look at The Bean, which may be covered in delicate snowflakes if you’re lucky. Or, if you want a winding ice skating journey through the windy city, check out Maggie Daley Park. The curvy skating path is twice as long as a loop around a standard rink!

Warm Up on a Rooftop

Some of the warmest spots in the city are also the highest. Chicago is known for its lively food scene, but the fun doesn’t stop when you step outside! Head to several rooftop bars offering outdoor heating and festive drinks. Sip champagne while you sit in a futuristic igloo, or prepare for your Olympic debut by practicing curling while savoring adult-friendly hot cocoa. With inviting atmospheres and cozy cocktails, you’ll feel as good on the outside as you do on the inside!

Chicago Essentials at JC Licht

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