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Windy City Window Treatments

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Hunter Douglas Wood Shades, window treatments in Chicago near  Chicago, Illinois (IL) and midwest

Whether you’re a new resident or you’ve lived in the area for years, you deserve to have the best window treatments in Chicago. You love your city, so what better way to show that classic windy city pride than by bringing the essence of the city indoors? For all devoted Chicagoans, use this list as inspiration for selecting new window treatments based on the third-largest city in the country - the one you call home.

Zebra Shades

Lifelong Chicagoland residents may know that the city got its name from the Algonquin word meaning “onion” but may not know that the word “Chicago” also means “striped skunk.” Flaunt your knowledge of this little-known trivia fact by incorporating banded shades, or zebra shades, into your next home improvement project.

Zebra shades are a more recent window treatment trend, but they have taken the window treatment world by storm in the few years they’ve been on the market. They are made of one long sheet of fabric consisting of alternating sheer and opaque panels resembling stripes. This long panel is wrapped in a loop. Adjust the two layers of banded fabric to achieve your desired level of privacy or view-through.

Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades, window treatments in Chicago near  Chicago, Illinois (IL) and midwest


Even classic window treatments in Chicago can show city and state pride! A significant moment in the windy city’s history, the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition, also known as the World’s Fair, was held in Chicago. The main type of window treatments used at this fair were Venetian blinds. This type of window treatment featured traditional blinds held together with cascading fabric. Honor this unique piece of history by integrating blinds into your home!

Blinds carry an even bigger piece of Chicago pride - state pride! The Illinois state tree is white oak. The home improvement industry often uses oak wood to make everything from furniture to blinds. Hunter Douglas offers wood blinds made from several different kinds of oak wood. Wood blinds are a great, subtle way to pay homage to the state’s history!

Hunter Douglas Wood Shades Shades, window treatments in Chicago near  Chicago, Illinois (IL) and midwest


Custom drapery is one of the best ways to incorporate personality into your home. With so many colors representing Chicagoland culture, from sports teams to local events and traditions, you’ll surely find a drapery print representing your favorite aspect of Chicago pride.

Hunter Douglas Custom Drapery, window treatments in Chicago near  Chicago, Illinois (IL) and midwest

Window Treatments in Chicago from JC Licht

Based in Chicago, our window treatment experts at JC Licht understand a thing or two about the windy city’s vibrant culture. Schedule a visit at one of our Chicago showrooms to start perfecting your space today!

With multiple locations across Chicagoland, we are ready to help you with your home improvement needs, including Benjamin Moore paints, Hunter Douglas window treatments, and more. You can count on JC Licht to Make it Happen! JC Licht is the preferred provider of custom blinds and Hunter Douglas products for the Midwest and Chicagoland. Contact us today!

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