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Choosing Shades That Let In the Most Light While Maintaining Privacy

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Choosing Shades That Let In the Most Light While Maintaining Privacy

Don’t sacrifice privacy for natural light! Several Hunter Douglas window treatments are designed to filter light into your home while obscuring visibility from the outside.

We’ll walk you step-by-step through the process of determining which window treatments are ideal for your privacy and light control needs.

Step 1: Determine privacy and light-filtering preferences.

Ultimately, privacy and light control is determined by fabric.
Hunter Douglas rates their fabrics for privacy and light allowance on a five point scale:

  1. Allows light to enter while reducing glare. Softly focuses view through outside.
    Light: Minimal light blockage, allows light through but reduces glare.
    Privacy: Minimal privacy, blurs visible scene.
    Use: Great if you want a sunny room without glare.
  2. Diffuses light for a soft, screened view. Moderate privacy.
    Light: Minimal light blockage, diffuses light for a soft, evenly dispersed glow.
    Privacy: Moderate privacy, screened view.
    Use: Great if you want to diffuse sunlight throughout a room.
  3. Transmits filtered light with no view through. Provides more privacy.
    Light: Minimal light blockage, filters light.
    Privacy: Maximum privacy, no view through.
    Use: Great if you want to let light filter into your room while maintaining privacy.
  4. Filters more light. Blocks view. Provides even more privacy.
    Light: Moderate light blockage, filters light.
    Privacy: Maximum privacy, blocks all view. More privacy than 3, less than 5.
    Use: Great if you want to block most light and maintain complete privacy.
  5. Submerges room in complete darkness and provides total privacy when closed.
    Light: Maximum light blockage, blocks all light.
    Privacy: Maximum privacy, provides the most privacy.
    Use: Great if you want to block all light and maintain complete privacy.

Each room in your home may have different needs.For example, you may prefer more privacy on a lower level of your house for a window that faces the street, or you may want to let in as much natural light as possible for daylighting energy savings.

The best way to know which fabrics work well for you is by taking advantage of JC Licht’sfree at-home consultation with a window treatments expert. At the consult, you can see fabric samples against your current interior decor and lighting and your expert will be able to direct you to the fabric options that fit within your privacy and light control preferences.

If you wrote down which privacy and light control rating is preferred for the windows in each room in your home, it’s time to move on to step 2!

Hunter Douglas Nantucket Shades. Order your custom blinds at JC Licht in Chicago, IL
Hunter Douglas Nantucket™
Window Shadings. Fabric/Material: Sunscreen privacy shadings. Color: Skiff. Mount Type: Semi-Recessed. Size: 3″.

Step 2: Select operating systems that manage privacy and light.

1. Duolite®

Hunter Douglas’ Duolite operating system offers maximum light control by combining two separate fabric panels in one shade, each with different opacities. Homeowners have the ability to customize the panels to meet their privacy and light control preferences. By pairing a light-filtering shade with a room-darkening shade, one window treatment can provide a full spectrum of privacy and light control.

Compatible styles:

Hunter Douglas Vignette Shades. Order your custom shades at JC Licht in the Chicagoland area
Hunter Douglas Vignette® with Duolite®. Fabric/Material: Jewelstone. Color: Kyanite.

2. Top-Down/Bottom-Up

Maintain your privacy while enjoying natural light with the innovative and unique Top-Down/Bottom-Up operating system.

A light gap at the top of your window can let natural light fill your room while blocking all street-level visibility of living spaces.

Compatible styles:

3. PowerView Motorization

Hunter Douglas’PowerView® motorized operating system enables homeowners to open and close window treatments by voice command, remote control or by a phone or tablet app.

Homeowners can also schedule open and close schedules or pre-set scenes.

Schedule window treatments to automatically raise and lower with the sun so that you can enjoy natural light without glare or privacy gaps at all hours of the day.

Or schedule window treatments to open while you get ready for work in the morning, close right after you typically leave, re-open when you typically get home from work, and close as the sun sets for privacy.

If you’re worried the window treatments didn’t close while you were at work or on vacation, you could check on your phone and make any necessary adjustments from the app.

Imagine how much more natural light you would enjoy (and how much energy from artificial light use you could save) if it was as easy to access as the flip of a light switch – or if it was completely hands free!

Compatible styles:

To see pictures of each style, click here:
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Learn more about PowerView®:
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Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shades. Order your custom window shades at JC Licht in Chicago
Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Window Shadings. Style: Quartette®. Fabric/Material: Originale™. Color: White Diamond. Opacity: Translucent.

Step 3: Select your favorite style.

Hunter Douglas offers dozens window treatment styles, from sheers to shutters, and hundreds of fabric and opacity customizations within each style.

The following window treatments are particularly excellent at filtering light while also providing privacy:

1. Silhouette® Shadings

Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Shadings are a modern and beautiful solution to privacy and light control. Soft fabric vanes are hung between two sheers that tilt to control privacy and sunlight.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shades. Order your custom window blinds at JC Licht in Chicago

Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Window Shadings. Fabric/Material: Bon Jour™. Color: Table Linen. Opacity: Translucent. Mount Type: Inside. Size: 3″.

2. Luminette® Privacy Sheers

If you’re looking for window treatments that suit large windows, sliding doors or other vertical applications, Hunter Douglas’ Luminette® Privacy Sheers are a great choice.

Vertical rotating vanes, which come in a variety of fabrics and colors, are affixed to the back of a sheer liner. When opened, the see-through fabric beautifully disperses the sun’s rays, driving light deeper into your home.

Like Silhouette® Shadings, you can rotate these sheers to the exact level of privacy or light control that suits your needs.

Hunter Douglas Luminette. Order your custom window blinds at JC Licht in Chicago

Hunter Douglas Luminette®; Vignette® with PowerView® Motorization, (Fabric/Material): Sheer Line (Color): White Dawn

3. Nantucket™ Shadings

Hunter Douglas’ Nantucket™ Shadings are an affordable, stylish window treatment option for anyone interested in privacy and light control. Nantucket™ shades sport 3” horizontal fabric vanes and are available in a variety of fabrics which tilt to control and filter light.

Hunter Douglas Nantucket Sheer Shades. Order your custom shades at JC Licht in Chicago

Hunter Douglas Nantucket™ Sheer Shades with UltraGlide® (Fabric/Material): Sankaty™ (Color): Kiawan

Evaluating Your Options

Learn aboutother window treatments optimized for light-filtering and the money-saving benefits of daylighting – click here:The Best Window Treatments for Daylighting

For a full understanding the Hunter Douglas window treatment styles, operating systems and fabrics that could meet your home’s needs, we recommend taking advantage of JC Licht’s free at-home consultation.

Our window treatment experts can determine which window treatment style is compatible with your privacy and lighting preferences, your preferred operating systems, and any other priorities you may have.

Want to do a little more soul-searching before a consultation? Evaluate our recommended 11 key considerations before purchasing window treatments.


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