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Designing the interior space in your home with just one color? Yes, you can do it! It just requires careful coordination and the know-how to choose the perfect color palettes for each room. Learn how from JC Licht.
March is the month where Earth begins to reawaken. We watch as nature unfolds in front of our eyes: the grass emerges from what’s left of the winter snow and the buds begin blossoming on the trees. The richness and rejuvenation of the season manifests itself in our color of the month selection: Muslin OC-12.
The kitchen is perhaps the most utilitarian room in your home, and if it’s functional for you and your family there’s no need to embark on a full-on renovation to make it feel new. But, if you’re tired of cooking in an outdated, uninspiring room, there is a fun way you can update your space: painted cabinets!
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You don’t need to commit to a large-scale renovation or remodeling project. Sometimes, all it takes is clearing out a room, giving it a fresh coat of paint, and rearranging your furniture and décor. And we have the perfect color to get your inspiration flowing: Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere 2138-60.

Imagine sitting in your hairstylist’s chair. After asking for a trim, you notice that their snip-happy scissors have lopped off too much. Do you speak up and ask that they fix the mistake, or leave the salon a dissatisfied customer? These tips will help you communicate your vision and ensure the success of your home improvement project.

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Ask a pro how to make almost any paint project quicker and easier, and they’ll tell you to put down the brush and just roll with it.
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Well, it’s officially January. The temperatures have dropped and the fluffy white snow is ready to officially make its entrance. Along with it, comes our choice for Color of the Month: Atrium White OC-145. White is by far the most popular paint color around. However, not all whites are created equal. 
When the world stayed home, you got creative. As we close the book on 2020 and continue to live out our “new normal,” isn’t it time to give those overused spaces a little refresh? The perfect place to start is by updating your interior paint color!
Finding a contractor to call your own isn’t always easy. You may be tempted to slip your digits to any eligible painting company.  We suggest following these tips for getting better acquainted before you’re ready to be exclusive.
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The Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2021 has finally dropped, and it couldn’t be more relevant to the times. Working from home, homeschooling, social distancing, and a worldwide pandemic have no doubt frazzled even the most zen among us.
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Blending the soothing properties of blue, the renewal qualities of green, and the organic sensibility of grey, Aegean Teal 2136-40 invites us to reflect and reset from all we’ve been through this past year. 
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As inviting and as soothing as Greece’s bluish-green sea, Aegean Teal 2136-40 is an exceptional balance of blue, green and grey. This intriguing midtone creates natural harmony and a sense of calm, inviting an opportunity to reflect and reset amidst softened, casual elegance.
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