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JC Licht's Color of the Month July: Benjamin Moore Finley Blue CW-620

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JC Licht's Color of the Month July: Benjamin Moore Finley Blue CW-620

JC Licht's Color of the Month July: Benjamin Moore Finley Blue CW-620

Looking for a color that combines historical elegance with modern versatility? Finley Blue, part of the historic Williamsburg Paint Color Collection, is a hue that can both evoke the genteel atmosphere of centuries past and complement today’s design sensibilities. Discover how this serene and concentrated color can transform your living space and where to find it for your next project.

Key Takeaways

  • Finley Blue CW-620 is part of Benjamin Moore’s historic Williamsburg Paint Color Collection, offering a timeless elegance that blends well with antique decor and adapts to various design styles.
  • Pairing suggestions for Finley Blue include Aztec Brick 2175-10 for a warm and vibrant combination, or White Opulence OC-69 for a clean and sophisticated look, enhancing the color’s versatility in different spaces.
  • Lighting conditions greatly affect the perception of Finley Blue, necessitating paint sample tests under different light sources to ensure the chosen hue matches the intended atmosphere and design vision.

The Essence of Finley Blue CW-620

Steeped in the authenticity of the historic Williamsburg Paint Color Collection by Benjamin Moore, Finley Blue CW-620 is a color that resonates with the charm of a bygone era. A reproduction of hues found in the 18th century, this color preserves the atmosphere of the past while offering a fresh breath of air to contemporary spaces. Ideal for rooms graced with heirloom antiques, Finley Blue’s presence creates an ambiance that is both historic and refreshingly timeless.

Available at Benjamin Moore retailers, Finley Blue is not just paint; it invites you to incorporate history into your home’s decor. Whether you seek to create a dialogue with the past or to craft a space that speaks to today’s design sensibilities, Finley Blue stands ready to paint your story with its vibrant brush.

The Historical Significance

Finley Blue has strong ties to the 18th century style, a time celebrated for its tasteful and timeless elegance. Embracing historically accurate color with an attention to detail, this hue aligns perfectly with spaces filled with heirloom antiques, offering a seamless connection to the past and enhancing the charm of traditional decor. The creation of Finley Blue CW-620 is a homage to the legacy of 18th-century blue paint traditions, a nod to the artisans who first mixed such captivating colors.

Finley Blue’s development involved careful examination of historical records, showcasing a variety of blue hues used during the 1700s. This authentic approach ensures that when you choose Finley Blue for your home, you’re not just selecting a color—you’re preserving a slice of decorative history.

Aesthetic Versatility

Finley Blue CW-620 is more than just paint; it inspires creativity with its versatility, serving as a neutral base for bold colors or creating an elegant setting when matched with cream, white, and wood tones. Its ability to adapt from deep shades to airy pastels allows it to fit a wide range of interior design styles, making it a versatile choice for any space.

As a refined alternative to traditional blacks, slate, and blue-gray shades, Finley Blue ushers in an air of genteel elegance to any room setting. Not limited to walls, the paint’s richness can be integrated into furniture pieces or decor, offering an additional dimension of aesthetic versatility. Whether it’s the subtle trim of a classic armchair or a bold statement piece, Finley Blue adapts gracefully, enhancing your interior’s visual appeal with its rich, deeply genteel hues.

Durability and Coverage

Finley Blue CW-620’s beauty is equalled by its functionality. Benjamin Moore suggests applying two coats for optimal durability and color consistency. While the first coat establishes a base, it may not fully conceal the underlying color or texture. The second coat of Finley Blue is what truly brings the color to life, ensuring an even and rich appearance that is true to the swatch.

Benjamin Moore’s paint formula is crafted for resilience, designed to endure wear and maintain a fresh look over time. Backed by a lifetime limited warranty, Finley Blue’s durability is assured, providing homeowners peace of mind that their color choice will stand the test of time. Testimonials from homeowners reflect the satisfaction found in the two-coat application process, praising the durable and consistent finish it delivers.

Perfect Pairings for Finley Blue

Finley Blue CW-620 doesn’t exist in isolation. Its elegance is further accentuated when surrounded by complementary colors that bring out its best qualities. An atmosphere of sophistication can be achieved by pairing Finley Blue with a variety of shades, from the soft whispers of lavender to the bold statements of cerulean. In the quest to find the perfect match for this versatile hue, our color experts recommend two distinctive shades: Aztec Brick 2175-10 and White Opulence OC-69, both of which enhance the beauty of Finley Blue within any space.

Whether your design sensibilities lean towards the warm embrace of an autumnal palette or the crisp cleanliness of a winter morning, Finley Blue stands ready to complement your vision. With its capacity to harmonize with a range of hues, this color transforms rooms into canvases of personal expression.

Complementing with Aztec Brick 2175-10

Aztec Brick 2175-10 is a color that exudes warmth and vitality, making it an excellent companion for Finley Blue. When paired together, these two colors create a visual dialogue that is both inviting and dynamic. The rich deeply concentrated hue complements rooms with a sense of depth and passion, providing a counterbalance to Finley Blue’s calming serenity.

This harmonious pairing is perfect for spaces that aim to inspire conversation and comfort. From the living room to the study, incorporating Aztec Brick with Finley Blue results in a gracious design that is both cohesive and full of character.

Harmonizing with White Opulence OC-69

White Opulence OC-69 is the epitome of sophistication, offering a crisp and clean backdrop that allows Finley Blue to truly shine. This pairing creates a harmonious color scheme that is at once timeless and contemporary. The subtle nuances of White Opulence bring out the depth and richness of Finley Blue, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

White Opulence is particularly suited for ceilings and woodwork, making it an ideal choice to pair with Finley Blue for a cohesive look that elevates any room’s design. Together, these colors breathe life into spaces, reflecting an ambiance of genteel its rich deeply effortless elegance and tranquil charm.

Lighting and Color Perception

Light’s transformative ability significantly influences how color is perceived. With Finley Blue, as with any paint, the vibrancy and saturation can be significantly affected by the lighting conditions within a room, influencing its overall appearance. The relationship between light and color is a dance of interdependence, where without light, color ceases to exist; thus, the perception of hues like Finley Blue can vary greatly with different lighting situations.

Artificial light sources, such as incandescent, halogen, or LED lighting, each have their unique color impacts, which can alter how Finley Blue is perceived. To ensure the true beauty of Finley Blue is captured, it’s advisable to test the paint in the intended space with the specific lighting conditions under which it will be viewed.

Natural vs. Artificial Light

The interaction of natural and artificial light can change how Finley Blue appears, affecting the color’s atmosphere and influence. Natural light tends to reveal the truest form of color, particularly in south-facing rooms that bask in sunlight, especially at midday. However, the quality of natural light can change throughout the day, affecting the perception of paint color.

To truly understand how Finley Blue will look in your home, testing large paint samples under different lighting conditions is essential. This ensures that the color you fall in love with at the store is the same one you’ll cherish in your home, regardless of the time of day or the type of light it’s under.

Paint Samples and Testing

Although online visualization tools can offer an initial idea of how Finley Blue might appear in a room, they can’t replace actual testing. The nuances of paint colors can be subtle yet significant, and the only way to ensure complete satisfaction is by ordering paint samples and observing their appearance in the intended space. This step is crucial before committing to a full purchase, as it allows you to experience the color in all its glory, under the unique lighting conditions of your home.

Benjamin Moore emphasizes the importance of verifying paint colors with physical samples rather than relying on screen colors, which can be deceiving. By testing Finley Blue in your environment, you ensure that the historically accurate color you select harmonizes perfectly with your interior design and lighting conditions. It’s always best to consider real-life known examples before making a final decision.

Get This Color at Your Local JC Licht

Introducing the elegance of Finley Blue into your home is now easier than ever. Available at JC Licht stores in Chicagoland, this color, along with a wide range of Benjamin Moore paints, is just a visit away. To ensure that Finley Blue meets your exact design requirements, consider purchasing paint samples before committing to a full purchase.

The team at JC Licht is ready to assist you in selecting the perfect shade and providing expert advice on how to best use Finley Blue in your space. With their help, you can confidently embark on your colorjourney, knowing that the results will be nothing short of stunning.

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