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JC Licht’s Color of the Month June: Benjamin Moore Raleigh Peach CW-205

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JC Licht’s Color of the Month June: Benjamin Moore Raleigh Peach CW-205

Transform Your Space with the Warm Glow of Benjamin Moore Raleigh Peach CW-205

Thinking about Benjamin Moore Raleigh Peach for your walls? Understand this paint’s ability to reflect light, enhance small spaces, and create a warm atmosphere. Discover tips on application, complementary colors for a cohesive palette, and suitable finishes to bring out its best in our article.

Key Takeaways

  • Raleigh Peach CW-205, part of the Benjamin Moore Williamsburg Paint Color Collection, is a high LRV paint that offers a warm, sunset-like glow suitable for modern and traditional settings while complying with VOC standards for healthier indoor environments.
  • The warm undertones of Raleigh Peach are best complemented with Drenched Sienna 1182 and Peale Green HC-121, forming a harmonious color scheme that balances richness, warmth, and sophistication for an inviting space.
  • Raleigh Peach is versatile in application, ideal for various living spaces like living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens, and can be matched with different finishes such as matte for a subtle look or satin for durability and a slightly elegant sheen.

Discovering Raleigh Peach CW-205

Step into the timeless, traditional world of Raleigh Peach. This dusty, soft peach hue is a notable part of the Benjamin Moore Williamsburg Paint Color Collection. This modern take on historic pigments of pure white and red ochre creates an authentic 18th-century ambiance while remaining suitable for contemporary settings.

Raleigh Peach evokes the radiant colors found in a sunset, such as golden yellow, warm blush, and soft terracotta, contributing to its unique and warm glow. The dusty soft peach shade is more than a mere color; it’s an immersive experience that turns the ordinary extraordinary.

Characteristics of Raleigh Peach

With a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 62.65, Raleigh Peach exhibits its ability to reflect a significant amount of light within the LRV range. This high LRV means Raleigh Peach can make your rooms feel brighter and more spacious, a quality that’s especially useful for smaller spaces or rooms with limited natural light. The light reflected by Raleigh Peach contributes to its popularity among homeowners and interior designers alike.

Moreover, CW 205 Raleigh Peach is a paint that meets VOC compliance standards across all regions, ensuring healthier indoor air quality. Consequently, you can bask in Raleigh Peach’s warm glow, worry-free about any potential harm to your health or the environment.

Application Tips

Using the right tools is key when applying Raleigh Peach CW-205, as it can significantly affect the outcome. For a smooth application, consider using nylon/polyester professional brushes or shed-resistant professional roller covers.

But remember, patience is key. For optimal coverage, it is recommended to apply one or two coats, maintaining a wet thickness of 3.6 mils, which will dry to 1.3 mils. And don’t forget to check the temperature. Optimal paint application occurs within a range of 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and if spraying, the paint may require a pressure setting between 1500 to 2500 PSI.

Complementary Colors to Enhance Raleigh Peach

The warm glow of Raleigh Peach can be amplified and a unified, inviting color scheme can be created when paired with the right colors. The ideal complements to Raleigh Peach CW-205 are Drenched Sienna 1182 and Peale Green HC-121.

These colors form a beautiful harmony with Raleigh Peach’s warm undertones, fostering an ambiance that marries the timeless and the modern. With Drenched Sienna 1182 adding depth and richness, and Peale Green HC-121 balancing and enhancing the warmth, your space is sure to be inviting and aesthetically pleasing.

Drenched Sienna 1182

More than just a color, Drenched Sienna 1182 encapsulates a warm emotion that aligns beautifully with Raleigh Peach’s warm undertones, adding depth and richness to any space.

By tapping into the 18th century white and red ochre pigments, Drenched Sienna 1182 complements the warm glow of Raleigh Peach, creating a color scheme that is both nuanced and balanced. This combination, inspired by historical color samples, is sure to bring a touch of historic charm to any modern setting.

Peale Green HC-121

Peale Green HC-121 from Benjamin Moore is a sophisticated green shade that adeptly counters and accentuates CW 205 Raleigh Peach’s warmth. It’s like bringing a piece of a serene forest into your home, creating a calming and balanced atmosphere.

The beauty of Peale Green lies in its versatility. It can be used as a dominant color, or as an accent to highlight the warm glow of Raleigh Peach. The combination of these colors creates a dynamic yet harmonious color palette that is sure to impress.

Choosing the Right Sheen and Finish

In the realm of painting, color is merely one facet of the overall picture. The chosen finish can have a significant effect on your space’s overall aesthetics and ambiance. Whether you’re looking for a subtle, non-reflective appearance or a durable and lasting color, Raleigh Peach offers a range of sheens and finishes to suit your needs.

Whether it’s wallboard, plaster, or wood, each surface demands thoughtful deliberation when selecting a finish. Higher shine finishes tend to highlight imperfections on walls, which makes the amount of shine an important consideration when seeking the desired appearance for a room.

Matte Finish

Raleigh Peach in a matte finish provides a subtle, non-reflective look that is fitting for wallboard, masonry, or plaster surfaces. This finish is designed to deliver quality and an effortless painting experience from start to finish.

Matte finishes are appreciated for their:

  • Lower sheen, which allows for cleaning without the walls appearing shiny
  • Ability to hide wall imperfections due to low light reflection
  • Ease of touch-up compared to more glossy finishes, as it is less likely to show brush strokes and other marks, ensuring a more seamless appearance over time.

Satin Finish

Alternatively, a satin finish imparts a slight sheen that lends an elegant touch to surfaces adorned with Raleigh Peach. This finish is not only visually appealing but also durable and resistant to stains, making it suitable for high-traffic areas.

Moreover, the satin sheen for Raleigh Peach is available in products that are environmentally responsible, meeting strict industry standards and providing excellent performance. Whether you’re transforming a busy family room or a tranquil bedroom, a satin finish can deliver the elegance and durability you’re seeking.

Experience Raleigh Peach at Your Local JC Licht Store in Chicagoland

Before you commit to transforming your space with the warm, sunset-like glow of Raleigh Peach, why not experience it firsthand? Visit your local JC Licht store in Chicagoland to get a tangible sense of this captivating color. Our friendly staff can provide you with a Raleigh Peach sample, allowing you to see how this paint interacts with the light and space in your own home.

JC Licht is known for its commitment to customer satisfaction and color expertise. When you step into a JC Licht store, you're not just picking up a sample; you're gaining access to personalized advice and insights from color professionals. We can help you understand the nuances of Raleigh Peach and how it can be paired with complementary colors to achieve your desired aesthetic.

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