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Window Treatment Ideas for Kitchens, Laundry Rooms, and Bathrooms

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Hunter Douglas Top-down/Bottom-up Cellular Shades

Window Treatment Ideas for Kitchens, Laundry Rooms, and Bathrooms

Covering windows in your dining, living, and bedroom is pretty straightforward. Any style and fabric are fair game if your light control and privacy needs are met. Finding practical and attractive window treatment ideas for kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms can be complicated because of food splatters and humidity. You have plenty of options, and JC Licht is sharing some of our favorite window treatment ideas for tricky spaces. 

A Stylish Kitchen

No matter your family size, you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, so it needs to be an aesthetically appealing, welcoming space. Woven wood shades add a touch of organic charm and are great for standard windows, though perhaps far from the stove or sink. They diffuse light beautifully so you can enjoy the sunlight while making breakfast without worries your neighbors will see you in your bathrobe. 

Cafe-style curtains are made using a polyester blend and are ideal for windows above kitchen sinks. Polyester is easy to care for, so splashes of dirty dishwater won't ruin your investment. Covering only the window's lower portion, you preserve the view of the Chicago city lights without sacrificing your privacy. Cinderella may have looked perfectly put together while washing dishes, but the rest of us tend not to. 

Hunter Douglas Top-down/Bottom-up Cellular Shades

Enticing Laundry Rooms

It's hard to get excited about entering the laundry room because it is full of laundry. That's why it's essential to choose laundry room curtains that will lift your mood while being able to withstand the humidity in the space. One of the best window treatment ideas for laundry rooms is a valance as a standalone treatment. A custom top treatment is a fantastic decorative accent that pulls the room together but allows maximum natural light to pass through. If you prefer a bit more coverage, faux wood blinds are an excellent solution that will not warp or peel in humidity. The adjustable slats offer superior control of light and privacy with the option of raising the blinds entirely for the most sunlight and the best view. 

A Private Bathroom

Privacy is paramount in your bathroom. Your bathroom window curtains must offer unparalleled privacy without leaving you in the dark. Vinyl shutters look fantastic in any decor style, and their adjustable louvers allow you to let the sunshine in while keeping wandering eyes out. Double-hung shutters offer enhanced versatility with the option to swing only the top pane open. Top-down/bottom-up styles are another fabulous window treatment idea for bathrooms. Lower the top portion as much as you'd like to allow fresh air into the space while ensuring complete privacy. Cellular shades with this feature add tons of texture to a room and welcome natural light through the lightweight fabric even when the shades are fully closed. 

Fabulous Window Treatments for Kitchens, Laundry Rooms, and Bathrooms near Chicago

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