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Plantation Shutters, Cafe Shutters, and Farmhouse Shutters: What's the Difference?

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Hardwood shutters on large windows in a living room

Plantation Shutters, Cafe Shutters, and Farmhouse Shutters: What's the Difference?

Plantation shutters gained popularity in homes in the south, but their classic charm and character transcend state lines. How can you tell the difference? Let's let you in on a little secret; they're all essentially the same thing. Different styling techniques make the difference between plantation shutters, cafe shutters, and farmhouse shutters subtle, and we'll help you decide which are perfect for your Chicago area home.

Plantation Shutters

When designers suggest plantation shutters, they're more often than not referring to interior shutters. Installing shutters inside your home is a popular choice because they can be integrated with any existing design and provide exceptional control of natural light, privacy, and ventilation. Plantation shutters are the primer or base from which cafe-style and farmhouse shutters emerged. Plantation shutters are customized using different materials and with several louver widths to suit any size window. You can never go wrong by requesting plantation shutters for your home.

Cafe Shutters

Cafe-style shutters cover only the bottom portion of windows and are an excellent accent to kitchens and breakfast nooks. You can think of cafe shutters as the chameleon of the plantation shutters world. Faux wood cafe shutters are an attractive and practical addition above kitchen sinks, while the look of stained hardwood shutters is tough to beat in traditional home design.

If you prefer a more contemporary design, we suggest a solid paint finish in a neutral hue and wide louvers. Are you using cafe-style shutters in a farmhouse? A lightweight valance adds a soft glow of diffused natural light to the overall appearance. Are you considering cafe shutters in your bathroom? Go for it! Covering the bottom half of your windows gives you privacy while leaving the top half open for abundant natural light. Faux wood is suggested for bathrooms as they withstand high humidity.

Hardwood shutters on large windows in a living room

Farmhouse Shutters

Chicago may be a bustling city, but the Midwest also boasts many farms full of rustic charm. The Midwest farmhouse style is about the perfect combination of function and fashion. What better place than a farmhouse to incorporate farmhouse-style shutters? A little farmhouse chic is easy to do using white interior shutters with a distressed finish. The style falls between new and antique and usually features the same louvered construction as other shutters. If you aim for a truly authentic aesthetic, consider solid board and batten construction for your interior shutters.

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