Unexpected Ways to Play with Patterns in Your Home Design

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Floor-length Design Studio™ Drapery with large pattern in a room with patterned decorative accents

Unexpected Ways to Play with Patterns in Your Home Design

Chicago is famous for taking design to the next level. Our city is home to many sculptures recognized worldwide, and this playful take on design carries over into Midwesterners' homes. Introducing patterns to your home design can seem intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. 

Choosing Patterns for Your Home 

Take time to peruse different patterns to see which speaks to you. Some popular patterns are abstract, geometric, stripes, and floral designs. Once you know what you do and, more importantly, do not like, you can search for fabric patterns to adorn your home. Geometric and striped prints are among the most versatile because of their straight lines and defined angles. 

Decorative Curtains to Frame City Views

Windows are a fabulous place to incorporate patterns into your home design. Try a delicate, intricate pattern in a warm color to add interest without overwhelming it. If you have a spectacular view, bold geometric curtains are a fantastic way to draw the eye to the window and beyond. Pair patterned curtains with sheer panels to add visual interest and soften the impact of particularly vivid prints. 

Starting Small

If you're not ready to go all-in with patterned wallpaper or flooring, start with smaller accents like throw pillows or ottomans. When you're prepared to take it up a notch, one of the fun aspects of playing with patterns is combining more than one in a single space. Avoid a cluttered aesthetic by using no more than three patterns and ensuring they all share at least one component, such as a shape, color, or style. 

Floor-length Design Studio™ Drapery with large pattern in a room with patterned decorative accents

Popping Patterns into a Decor Theme

You don't have to choose between a cohesive decor theme or patterns. Fabric patterns lend themselves to many uses, from upholstery to curtains and area rugs. Patterns don't have to be complex and overly busy to have the desired effect. Create a botanical theme using a large floral print on curtains and smaller-scale natural patterns for statement seating and decorative accents, like vases. 

Patterns Up, Down, and All-Around 

Where do patterns belong in your home design? Anywhere! Play with different designs on your floor, furniture, walls, and more. It takes a bit more effort, but painting a pattern on your ceiling (it doesn't have to be the Sistine Chapel) is one of the most unexpected ways to introduce unique design aspects into your home. It's a technique that looks best on high ceilings, but you can make it work on any height ceiling as long as the scale of the pattern coordinates; smaller for lower ceilings and larger for tall ceilings. 

Playful Patterns for Your Chicago Home at JC Licht

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