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What is Architectural Design?

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Hunter Douglas Vertical Blinds

What is Architectural Design?

It's always easier to work with the existing architecture of a space in your home than against it. You can try to deflect attention from the arched doorways or the floor-to-ceiling windows, but they'll still be there, quietly willing you to embrace their unique design. Architectural design invites you to highlight one-of-a-kind features and inspire your creativity. The designers at JC Licht are here to be your partner in creating stunning spaces using architectural design. 

Back to the Basics

Architectural interior design turns the focus away from home décor and design elements that you add to the space and instead highlights existing features. Popular architectural design elements to showcase are ceiling beams, wainscoting, molding, windows, floors, built-in bookcases, and other features that may currently be blending in but can be beautiful focal points.

Exposed beams are meant to be seen. Paint or stain can transform average beams into a stunning architectural feature that guests notice as they walk through your door. There may be a stained-glass window that you haven't been able to incorporate into a design scheme. If so, get inspired by architectural design; Colored glass can become the foundation of your desired aesthetic rather than a finishing touch. Choose a few hues from the panes to use as a room's base and accent colors. Use an ornate mirror to help bounce the vivid colors around the room when the sun rises or sets over the Chicago skyline. 

Hunter Douglas Vertical Blinds

Purposeful Design

The trick to architectural design is to work with intentionality. When you aren't working with the architectural design elements in your home, those elements may blend in unnoticed or clash with your interior design. The best solution is to embrace the unique features you have in your home and make them an active part of your design.   

Natural hardwood floors are rare in design today because new hardwood can be expensive. In older homes, homeowners often cover up existing hardwood in favor of cheaper flooring options. Interestingly, restoring existing hardwood can be less costly than paying for more affordable flooring that must be replaced more often. With an architectural design approach, consider restoring existing hardwood floors and enhancing their natural beauty. Complement your restored hardwood with other wood elements with the same stain or incorporate the same stain color in your design with paint, accessories, and furniture. 

Consider custom window treatments if expansive windows are bringing in too much light or not allowing enough privacy. Sheer vertical shades will diffuse incoming light to create an inviting glow and provide privacy. Panel-track blinds make a striking backdrop that you can't help but notice when closed and stack tightly to offer an unencumbered view when open. When you choose custom window treatments, they will be perfectly tailored to your windows and enhance the existing design features instead of hiding or obscuring them.  

Use this same approach with other design elements in your home to bring out their natural beauty!

Discover Architectural Design in Chicago

Make the most of your interior architecture at JC Licht. Our wide selection of wall coverings, Benjamin Moore paint, and Hunter Douglas window treatments help take the guesswork out of adorning incredible architecture. Visit one of our showrooms or schedule an in-home consultation to get started. You can count on JC Licht to Make it Happen! JC Licht is the preferred provider of Hunter Douglas products for the Midwest and Chicagoland. Contact us today!


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