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What Is Wabi-Sabi Design and Why Do We Love It?

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As Chicago’s leading design experts, we love keeping our neighbors up-to-date with each new interior design trend and philosophy. Although not a new concept, Wabi-Sabi design is taking the decor world by storm! Here is everything you need to know about the simple and Earthy design style and how to practice it in your own space.

More Than Just Design

Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese term that effectively means to accept the imperfect. It is similar to the tradition of Kintsugi, which translates to “golden journey.” Kintsugi demonstrates that imperfections and damages make an item more valuable, as they illustrate the journey of an object.

Take, for example, a broken dish. Instead of throwing away the pieces and rendering the dish useless, the Kintsugi method would lead you to repair the item and fill the cracks with gold or silver. The dish’s imperfections are now a beautiful part of its history.

In much the same way, Wabi-Sabi design encourages practitioners to reevaluate the role of material items and their significance in achieving a fulfilled life. Rather than finding meaning in objects and chasing after elusive perfection, the Wabi-Sabi philosophy teaches us to slow down and enjoy life in its natural, beautiful, and imperfect state.

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Wabi Sabi Interior Design

In interior decor, Wabi-Sabi recognizes that picture-perfect interiors and floors clean enough you could eat off of them are not just impractical, they are a hindrance. Aiming for total precision in every aspect of your home at all times holds you back from earnestly occupying that space. How can you fully enjoy your relaxing environment if you expect every pillow to be fluffed and every blanket always folded?

Furthermore, Wabi-Sabi design teaches us to let go of our worldly sources of joy. Much like Kintsugi, which inspired the Wabi-Sabi philosophy, the feelings of fulfillment we receive from our homes are based on the memories we make there. The history of the objects, not the objects themselves, makes a home.

Wabi-Sabi interior design favors conscious minimalism. Intentionally selecting pieces allows you to interact with them more meaningfully. Natural materials, such as wood, jute, and cotton, are common in many Wabi-Sabi interiors. Nature is grounding. Decor inspired by nature reminds us to slow down and appreciate what we have.

Wabi Sabi Design in Your Own Home

Integrating the Wabi-Sabi design philosophy into your home is much more than just buying a few new decor pieces. Rather than seeking to purchase specific items that match a certain aesthetic, focus on the way you feel as you look at and interact with furniture and decor. Does a particular color or texture make you feel grounded and calm? Does one style of window treatment help you embrace natural sunlight? Fully embody the Wabi-Sabi way of life to bring it into your home authentically.

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