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What Is Mid-Century Modern Interior Design?

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What Is Mid-Century Modern Interior Design?

Many design styles make comebacks after some time— people appreciate pieces and aesthetics with inherent ethereal appeal, which will always find their way back into the trends. This is certainly true of Mid-Century Modern interior design, and we can help you bring the look to life in your Chicago home. 

A Little History

Don’t worry; this will be quick and painless! After World War II, people began gravitating toward more sleek and functional decor rather than ornate and impractical. Many people emigrated to the United States, bringing new decor ideas and styles. Mass manufacturing was picking up speed, making it easy for everyday Americans to create Mid-Century Modern homes. 

Characteristics of Mid-Century Modern Interior Design

  1. It appeals to minimalist interiors. Mid-Century Modern pieces are all about embracing clean, geometric lines and focusing on an uncluttered aesthetic. Furnishings omit ornamental details that serve no functional purpose. 
  2. Mid-Century Modern decor features a mix of materials. A proper Mid-Century Modern setup will include natural items like stone, wood, or metal paired with manufactured materials like plastic, vinyl, and fiberglass. 
  3. This fusion of indoors and out continues with abundant plants and window treatments that provide a seamless transition between inside and outdoors; woven wood shades, we’re looking at you. 
  4. The color schemes of Mid-Century Modern interior design embrace the beauty of neutral hues, like white and black, paired with brighter colors that still mimic nature, like greens, blues, bright oranges, and yellows

Using Mid-Century Modern Interior Design in Your Home

You may feel tempted to buy new furniture and accents to announce your newly found love of Mid-Century Modern style, but we encourage you to start slowly. Focus on a few statement pieces, such as a Kontur chair, a coordinating footstool, and a laminated pine pendant light. 

Highlight and complement these pieces with your existing color palette, artwork, and window treatments. When choosing statement pieces, look for ones that use materials in unexpected ways. Cantilevered chairs with steel and leather components and plexiglass end tables or floor lamps are some of our favorites. 

Why The Design Style is Still Popular

The clean lines, mix-and-match materials, and multipurpose pieces transcend time and lifestyles. People live in apartments and condos much more frequently today, and Mid-Century Modern interior design accommodates those spaces perfectly. The pieces are also versatile and can fit into a variety of homes should you move. The style also allows you to incorporate aspects of your personality into the mix, making it easy to integrate the architecture and views of anywhere you call home. 

Mid-Century Modern Interior Design near Chicago 

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