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Best Blinds for Hot Weather

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Hunter Douglas Somner® Vertical Blinds available at JC Licht.

When summer finally appears in Chicago, you want the best blinds for hot weather. Blinds are a great choice for high temperatures because their opaque slats block most of the sun's light and heat, and we can help you find the best ones for your home. 

How Heat Affects Your Blinds

Wood blinds are susceptible to fading and cracking when exposed to high temperatures. Hot weather often goes hand in hand with humidity, which can also cause moisture damage to wood blinds and some fabric shades. Even an air-conditioned home may be a poor environment for certain window coverings when it's hot. Personally, we enjoy the additional perk of switching our window treatments during the summer to give our homes a fresh look. 

Fawning Over Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are a flawless union of synthetic material's durability and hardwood's jaw-dropping beauty. You can enjoy faux wood blinds all year, but they're especially useful during hot weather. They're impervious to moisture damage and stay cool as a cucumber even when the temperature is off the charts. 

Homes collect more dust during warm weather because windows are open. You can clean faux wood blinds with a dry or damp cloth, so you can transition from wiping your counters to window coverings without grabbing something dry. Faux wood blinds look fantastic in various aesthetics, including traditional, farmhouse, and contemporary. 

Hunter Douglas EverWood® Faux Wood Blinds available at JC Licht.

Heat Things Up With Metal Blinds

No matter the forecast, you can count on metal blinds to keep your home comfortably cool. Metal blinds reflect light, so less of the sun's heat passes through your windows. You can effortlessly work metal blinds into contemporary, modern, and transitional designs, and ultra-slim ½" wide slats look sensational in narrow windows. We love that metal blinds are stylish, sturdy, resistant to heat and moisture damage, and even repel dust and fingerprints. Who wants window blinds that help keep your house clean? Everyone. 

The Cool Side of Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are often forgotten when people choose blinds for hot weather, but they're an outstanding choice for oversized windows and sliding glass doors. The larger the window, the more heat that comes through. The vanes of vertical blinds rotate 180 degrees, allowing for maximum ventilation on hot days, and close tightly when you want to keep light out. Vertical blinds with vinyl or aluminum vanes offer the same easy care as faux wood and metal horizontal styles. Consider vertical blinds with insert groovers to enjoy the most heat and light control. 

Best Blinds for Hot Weather at JC Licht

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