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How to Cover Skylights in Summer

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Skylights are an appealing architectural detail that fills rooms with natural light. We love lots of sunlight in our Chicago homes, but you can have too much of a good thing, especially at midday during the summer months. That’s why knowing how to cover skylights in summer is essential. 

Reasons to Cover Skylights

It may seem counterintuitive to cover a skylight, but there are several reasons you may want to. Privacy isn’t really an issue when windows are on or near the ceiling, but ideally, you want light control in every room of your home. Who doesn’t enjoy an afternoon nap on the living room couch? If you have a skylight in your bedroom, we don’t have to convince you why it needs covering. 

Even if you have a skylight in your attic, you may want to cover it during summer to help prevent heat and UV light from damaging your stored items. Speaking of heat, a lot of it enters your home through the windows, both standard and skylights. Covering skylights in summer helps to keep the heat out so your home stays cooler during the warmer season. 

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Which Shade is Best for Covering Skylights?

Here’s a hint - it’s cellular shades. We love using cellular shades to cover skylights. Cellular shades are incredibly lightweight, which makes them an ideal solution for overhead windows, especially ones that are open to provide ventilation. These shades also look fantastic on standard windows and doors, making creating a cohesive aesthetic in a space effortless. Your skylight shades can be sheer, opaque, or somewhere in between to best suit your needs. 

We may be partial, but covering skylights makes good style sense. An uncovered pane of glass will stick out like a sore thumb. Your skylight covering should have a slim profile so it doesn’t take away from the surrounding architecture, and cellular shades check this box, too. Choose narrow pleats for a classic look, or go larger for a bolder, more contemporary style. 

Cellular shades are the cream of the crop when it comes to energy efficiency. Covering your skylights in summer with cellular shades is one of the best things you can do for your comfort, energy costs, and mother nature. If you have a “Go big or go home.” mentality, opt for cell-within-a-cell shades. That’s right— double cellular shades are a thing. Remember that you can choose from manual and motorized operating systems for your cellular shades, so adjusting them is never more troublesome than the original problem you’re trying to solve. 

Long Lasting Coverage

Worried about frequent maintenance on your skylights? No need! Our motorization options use long-lasting rechargeable batteries and a solar panel to extend the time between maintenance. 

Stylish Skylight Coverings in Chicago

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