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How Wood Impacts Mid-Century Modern Design

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At its heart, Mid-Century Modern design is an ethereal union of natural and synthetic components; wood and acrylic, smooth curves, and clean lines. You can find wood in every aspect of Mid-Century Modern design, including furnishing and artwork. Simply put, Mid-Century Modern style would not exist without wood, and we're sharing why. 

The Allure of Wood

Wood is an aspect of several interior designs, so what makes its presence in Mid-Century Modern so special? Mid-Century Modern wood has a remarkable impact because you can feature it in every design element. This style combines wood with other natural and synthetic materials and allows you to appreciate different wood species in varying stains. Whether you love neutral and bold colors, wood can be a fun yet practical aesthetic in a Mid-Century home. 

Wood is Functional Yet Fashionable

Organic shapes and functional design are fundamental to Mid-Century Modern design, and wood offers both. For every material used in interior design, there is a type of wood that pairs well with it. Varying hues of wood will complement warm, neutral colors just as well as steel and stonework. A plain wood accent table is lovely but not nearly as intriguing as one made with Teak and black metal. Wood is also a great way to ground the bold accent colors often found in Mid-Century Modern homes. 

Wood is Simple Yet Stylish

Mid-Century Modern style features clean lines and minimal ornamentation. Wood can be elaborate, like with a live edge, but it looks just as fantastic as rustic exposed beams or with a glossy stain. You can use planks of wood to create a phenomenal, one-of-a-kind accent wall with a vertical or horizontal orientation. There's always a place for wood shelving and other decorative accessories, like bowls and vases. 

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Choosing Mid-Century Modern Wood Pieces

You can use any wood you love in Mid-Century Modern homes, but Teak, rosewood, and beech are among the most popular options. Teak is beautiful and durable but can be challenging to source, so its use brings instant elegance to a space. Rosewood can vary between red and dark brown, but its vibrant hues can include a touch of purple. With a reputation for being difficult to work with, rosewood pieces are often high-end and can serve as heirlooms. Beech is among the most durable varieties of wood, but its light color and tight grain make it less exciting for decorative pieces; it's generally seen as stylish framing or legs for furnishings. 

Make sure to include materials other than wood in your Mid-Century Modern home. Break up the wood elements with Earth-toned shades or even drapery in bold hues. Opt for genuine wood blinds instead of fabric accents to add to the wood elements. Their clean lines and natural grains with varying stains make them right at home in a Mid-Century Modern design.

Mid-Century Modern Wood for Chicago Homes

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