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Optimizing Space and Creating Multi-Purpose Homes

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A small room with dual roller shades and an area rug layered on top of the carpet

Whether you're downsizing your home, expanding your family, or want to cut the clutter, organizing is always a good idea. You can effectively arrange any area in your home by identifying the room's purpose, recognizing obstacles, and using organization and design tricks to solve them. Our designers are here to share their expertise and help you make a great multi-purpose space. 

Being Flexible With Function

Most areas in your home are flexible; you can reassign their purpose based on your needs and priorities. You don't have to eat in a particular space simply because it's the dining room, and your guest room doesn't need bedroom furniture if you rarely have overnight guests. Instead of leaving the space unused, transform the flex space into a functional multi-purpose room. Use seating with built-in storage and a corner desk and shelving to utilize every available inch of space. 

Only a few things in this world can't be fixed using the power of good design and innovative room organization ideas. Do you enjoy working from home but don't have extra room to create an office? Consider the possibilities of a "cloffice," aka office in a closet, by investing in a fold-away desk and installing floating shelves to hold supplies. An armless chair will take up much less space than a traditional desk chair. 

Maximum Design in Minimal Space

When space is minimal, it's not practical to leave a wall bare in order to display an accent color. Instead, use a room organizer with cubes for storage and to display fun items, like artwork and trophies. 

You must choose window treatments in small spaces with care. You want them to look fantastic without adding bulk to the room. Roman shades are a wonderful option because they can be mounted within the window frame for a sleek, minimalist aesthetic. Dual roller shades are another option to consider for rooms where you want enhanced light control without layering multiple window treatments. 

A small room with dual roller shades and an area rug layered on top of the carpet

Zoning Out

When you have a multi-purpose room, you must designate zones to maintain order. Many people use their basements for fitness equipment, watching TV or playing video games, and entertaining guests; it's the epitome of a multi-purpose room. 

Depending on the amount of space you have to work with, you can use area rugs and seating to differentiate zones. Lighting can also help separate spaces within a single area. Use floor and table lamps to create intimate conversation areas and overhead or track lighting to illuminate zones for other activities. 

Using Every Space in Your Chicago Home

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