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A Guide for Choosing Top Treatments for Windows

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Hunter Douglas custom valances

A Guide for Choosing Top Treatments for Windows

You may think the time for top treatments, like valances, has passed, and they no longer have a place in your stylish Chicago home. We get it. The word “valance” conjures up images of puffy, droopy pieces of fabric that look better in 1980 than in your modern home. 

Top treatments have come a long way in recent years and are the ideal extra little something for your space. The designers at JC Licht can’t wait to introduce you to today’s top treatments for windows that are anything but drab.

Beginning Your Top Treatment Journey

The first step to creating stylish top treatments is deciding what you want from your window valance box. If your primary concern is concealing hardware and architectural “uh-ohs,” you may wish for your cornice valance to blend in with the color of your drapes. Valances are also great for adding an unexpected pop of color to a space, in which case you’ll want one that makes more of a statement. 

Of course, the best top treatments offer coverage and creative expression without breaking a sweat. Top treatments are an easy way to add height and depth to your windows and can quickly pull together a seemingly disjointed space. 

Hunter Douglas custom valances

Cornice Valance

A window valance box made of hard material, like wood, is the best option for keeping things undercover. The solid material remains in one place, so you never have to worry about the fan or a breeze adjusting its position. This style of top treatment is also known as a cornice valance and looks fantastic in more formal settings. 

Its sleek aesthetic makes it a perfect pairing for roller shades. Cornices are usually painted or covered with fabric, but staining a carved piece of hardwood is always an excellent option. 

Farmhouse Valance

Even in the Midwest, you can enjoy the farmhouse style without embracing all of the style’s Southern charm. Use the aesthetic to create a comforting, provincial space even if you live in a high-rise in the heart of downtown. Farmhouse chic combines modern comfort with light-hearted style. The straightforward design of a farmhouse valance makes a spectacular accent to quaint, cheerful interiors. 

This valance style is also a fun standalone accent over windows that are tricky to cover, such as small panes above the kitchen sink. A straight top and rod pocket setup are the quintessential looks, but you can increase the visual intrigue of your farmhouse valance by going with a pleated or grommet version. 

Stunning Top Treatments for Windows in Chicago

Our designers are ready to work with you to create custom top treatments for fashion, function, or both. Visit one of our many locations or schedule a consultation to shop from home. 

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