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Window Treatments for High-Traffic Areas

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Faux wood blinds covering side lights near a front door

Like downtown Chicago during rush hour, some rooms in your home have more traffic than others. These areas are more prone to wear and tear, requiring extra TLC to keep them looking their best. JC Licht is here to help you outfit windows in high-traffic areas with treatments that are as attractive as they are durable. 

High-Traffic Headquarters

Most homes' busiest areas are the entryway, kitchen, living room, and hallways. Bedrooms are generally low-traffic spaces unless it's a kids' bedroom, and then all bets are off. Reliable window treatments with an appealing aesthetic are ideal for every room in your home, but today we're sharing solutions for the most frequently used areas. 

Inviting Entryways

Your home's entryway sets the mood for your family and guests, so you need it to be a pleasant space. Hardwood blinds are full of character and charm but aren't a practical solution for the busiest area in your house. 

Faux wood blinds closely mimic the appearance of natural wood blinds but are less prone to scratches and other wear and tear, so you can worry less when rushing out the door. The adjustable slats also allow you to peek out to see who's at your door before opening it. 

Faux wood blinds covering side lights near a front door

Cozy Kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of your home, but its windows have unique requirements for coverings. Whether you're a gourmet chef or a microwave maven, there is potential for spills and splatters to soil your window treatments. Fabric shades stain easily and hold odors, and hardwood treatments cannot withstand moisture or humidity, but leaving the windows bare isn't an option worth considering. 

Vinyl shutters are the superhero of kitchen windows. The louvers wipe clean easily and won't develop a funk, no matter how much garlic you cook with. Adjust the louvers to allow fresh air and sunlight to keep you lively while you wash the dishes. 

Laidback Living Spaces

Living rooms are versatile spaces, and their window treatments must follow suit. Black faux wood blinds deliver an elegant, upscale appearance ideal for contemporary decor but can also hold their own against muddy paws and tiny, sticky fingers. Homes with a more traditional style may benefit from durable window shades in the living room. 

Roller shades offer carefree maintenance paired with functional style; choose a dual roller system to enjoy a sheer and opaque shade on the same window. Roman shades are another fantastic option for living areas. They are a bit fussier, but motorization enhances their strength and longevity by eliminating the need for anyone to touch them. 

Stylish Window Treatment Solutions for High-Traffic Areas in Chicago Homes

The window treatment experts at JC Licht are here to assist you with outfitting your home's high-traffic area windows with exquisite style. Visit one of our many locations or book a complimentary in-home consultation. 

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