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3 Ways to Achieve Simple Home Decor

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Hunter Douglas Roman Shades available at JC Licht.

Simple home decor doesn't have to be dull or uninspiring. It doesn't require over-the-top redecorating efforts, and no "musts" are involved. Our professional designers have some easy ways to achieve the aesthetic in your Chicago home. 

Uncomplicated Window Coverings

Window treatments help set the tone for an entire room. Drapery is ideal for an elegant aesthetic, and sheer shades are perfect for a casual, whimsical look. Relaxed Roman shades are the perfect fit for a simple style. Unassuming yet sophisticated, the lack of structured folds accentuates the effortless style of the curved bottom hem when you raise the shade. 

When lowered, relaxed Roman shades have a smooth, flat surface, making them a fantastic way to display a large-scale pattern. Roller shades are another great option for simple home decor if you prefer a window covering with more structure without adding bells and whistles. Relaxed Roman and roller shades look phenomenal with an inside mount, making them an outstanding choice for windows with architecturally exciting trim. 

Edit Your Space

Simplifying your home's decor is as easy as editing what you have in a space. If you aren't sure where to start, remove all decorative accessories, so you're beginning with a clean slate. This will make it easier to see individual items' impact as you reintroduce them to the room. You may be surprised by how attractive a room is when you embrace the "Less is more." attitude. 

Rearranging your furniture will also help give your home a fresh face to embody the simple decor aesthetic. Many believe placing the sofa and chairs close to the walls makes a room look more spacious. Not only is this untrue but having your furniture along a room's border makes it look and feel more uptight and fussy. Pull your furniture a few inches from the wall to create a more intimate vibe without cluttering the room. 

Hunter Douglas Roman Shades available at JC Licht.

Neutral Colors with Natural Elements

Neutral colors are inherently simple. A space emphasizing neutral shades creates the calming atmosphere you associate with simple home decor. If your home decor is more boisterous, you can begin the transition to simple by introducing neutral colors to the walls and furnishings. 

Remember that neutral colors aren't restricted to black, white, and beige. Shades of gray with blue or pink undertones are excellent choices for neutral walls, and natural elements, such as houseplants or potted trees, are lively and refreshing without being complicated. Small hanging terrariums with air plants combine natural elements with simple decor, with the bonus of being incredibly easy to care for. 

Achieve Simple Home Decor at JC Licht

The designers at JC Licht can help you bring the carefree aesthetic of simple decor to your Chicago home. We are Chicago's premier destination for Hunter Douglas window treatments, Benjamin Moore paint, and upscale wallpaper

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