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Upcycling: Everything Old is New Again in Interior Design

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Do you like to keep your Chicago home in style without having it look generic? Upcycling is the answer. Unlike recycling, which returns a product to a newer version of itself, upcycling repurposes items in a way that makes them more attractive and valuable. We'll show you how easy it is to use this interior design trend in your home. 

Celebrating Artisanal Style

We all have that one friend who always tries to outdo everyone with their interior decor finds. Upcycling pieces guarantee your decorative accent will be one-of-a-kind. It allows you to explore your creativity and gives you the pride of a job well done when your project is complete. 

In Your Home, Not The Landfill

When we're through using most items, where do they go? If the item isn't suitable for recycling, it usually ends up in the trash. Upcycling is not only good for your style cred in your social circle, but it's also helpful for mother nature. Embracing sustainability is also contagious; you never know who you'll inspire to start an upcycling project of their own. 

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Upcycling Window Treatments

Custom wood shutters and blinds are window treatments that stand the test of time. Their longevity may even outlast your current interior design theme. Should that be the case, there are many exciting ways you can upcycle your wood blinds and shutters into new decorative pieces for your home. 

Let's start with upcycling wood blinds. The individual slats of wood blinds are incredibly versatile, so you have endless upcycling options. You can use the slats to create an accent wall or headboard for your bed with a textural appeal that won't quit. Leave the slats in their natural state for a rustic aesthetic, or paint them for a distressed or farmhouse chic look. Are you looking for something less ambitious? Cut the slats to length for conversation-starting picture frames or to use as practical drawer dividers. You can also glue the slats together to make a storage box. The hardwood won't bend, so you'll have a sturdy storage piece for years. 

Are you moving on from your wood shutter phase? We have good news - shutters are even more versatile than blinds regarding upcycling. The attached louvers make a fantastic way to store or display several things, including photos, plates, and magazines. Grab a drill and some eye hooks to create a fun entryway mail and key holder. Did you score a gorgeous vintage end table at the thrift shop? Use old wood shutter panels for doors and turn it into a cute cabinet

Upcycling Interior Design for Your Chicago Home

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