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3 Ways to Ensure You Have Pet and Child-Safe Blinds

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3 Ways to Ensure You Have Pet and Child-Safe Blinds

You know it’s important to have attractive blinds in your Chicago home, but the window treatments must also be safe if you have kids or pets. The good news is that we have several premium options that check both of those boxes without breaking a sweat. 

Cut the Cord

Cords are the primary safety hazard of blinds. It’s easy to become entangled in cords, and this can also pull the entire set of blinds off the wall. Opting for cordless styles guarantees child-safe blinds and contributes to a cleaner aesthetic for your home. Cords have been unsightly since their inception, but when they’re the only option, you make due. If you’re going the cordless route, it’s an excellent time to consider adding motorization to your home’s lineup of technological devices. Motorized tilt and lift systems are convenient, accessible, and increase the posh atmosphere of your home. 

Consider Going Vertical

Vertical blinds are particularly great if you have expansive windows or sliding glass doors to cover. They also make the most of tall ceilings or make low ones appear higher. If you’re a pet parent, it’s easy for your fur baby to walk between the vanes of vertical blinds. Individual vanes are also a safer choice for curious kids. If a single vane is tugged too hard, it may break off the track but will unlikely bring the hardware down. If you have a chic reputation to uphold, panel-track blinds fit the bill. They’re a sleek option that doesn’t require cords to adjust. 

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Explore The Alternatives

Blinds don’t have to be the traditional Venetian style with slats. Many kinds of window shades are used in lieu of blinds. Have you heard of cellular or Roman blinds? We thought so. Fabric blinds are very versatile; they can be sophisticated or laid back. You can skillfully accent any decor using the wealth of materials available for fabric blinds. 

The many fold styles of Roman blinds make them equally stunning, whether raised or lowered, and that’s not something you can say about every window treatment. Cellular blinds are an excellent choice for kids’ bedrooms because they feature cordless operation and have exceptional light-blocking capability. They also reduce outside noise, meaning your little one might take longer naps; we don’t have to explain why that’s a bonus. The soft fabric is more forgiving should your child adventure too near the window and hit their head, and it cannot break into pieces the way a slat made of solid material can. 

Pet and Child Safe Blinds in Chicago 

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