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Paint Problem Solver: Wrinkling | JC Licht

The Problem:A rough, wrinkled paint surface. This occurs when the topcoat dries before the bottom layer forming a “skin.”

Causes:Painting on a hot surface or in direct sunlight accelerating the dry time of the topcoat. Exposing uncured paint to high levels of humidity and other forms of moisture. Applying too thick a coat of alkyd or oil based paints. Painting on a poorly prepared surface where contaminants such as dirt are present. And applying a topcoat of paint before the primer or first coat has sufficiently dried.

How-to-fix:First, remove the wrinkled layers by scraping or sanding the substrate. Thoroughly clean the surface of all dust and other contaminants. Do not paint when extreme temperatures and high levels of humidity are present. Areas stripped to the bare wood should be primed. Make certain the first coat or primer have completely dried. Apply paint at the proper spread rate. Two properly applied coats are better than one thick one. Use a high-quality exterior primer and acrylic latex paint.

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