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Poor Flow / Leveling

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Poor Flow / Leveling | JC Licht

The Problem:Failure of paint to dry to a smooth finish, resulting in the appearance of unwanted brush and roller marks after the paint has dried.

Causes:Can include painting over improperly prepared surfaces leaving dirt, chalk or other contaminants in the paint film. Attempting to touch up areas where the paint is partially dry. Applying a second coat before the first coat has adequately dried. Painting in dry/hot conditions, causing the topcoat to dry too rapidly. And using a paint with poor flow and leveling qualities.

How-to-fix:Paint with a top quality latex paint formulated to provide good flow and leveling. Use quality brushes and rollers (with the proper nap length). Avoid painting in conditions that result in rapid drying. Consider using an additive (extender) that will prevent the topcoat from drying too quickly.

Product Solutions:

Interior Paints

Exterior Paints

  • Benjamin Moore Aura® Exterior, Regal Select® Exterior and ben® Exterior Paints are premium coatings that come in a wide variety of finishes and build levels.

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