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The History of Minimalism and the Perfect Paints That Help to Match the Look

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The History of Minimalism and the Perfect Paints That Help to Match the Look | JC Licht

House painting can be a daunting task when considering the infinite options for home renovating, including paint color, room theme and maintaining an ideal home atmosphere for family and guests. The interior paintbrings together a room’s style, as furniture, linen and wall décor colors and styles are revolved around the idea that less is more.

The Emergence of Minimalism

The concept of minimalism originated in New York in the early 1960s with artists who believed the latest art to be too bland and academic. Young artists began exploring unconventional boundaries and various media, which included art consisting of dramatic sculptures and abstract expression. Minimalism was the concept of creating dynamic art that thrived on simplistic form and design.

Even before the official beginnings of the minimalist movement, artists in the Netherlands began experimenting with creating simple pieces. De Stijl was one of the earliest movements that helped create the modern-day minimalist movement. It started in 1917 and lasted through the early 1930s. It included painters, sculptors, architects and designers.

The minimalism initiative overcame the United States and Europe as museum curators, art dealers, publications and individuals adopted the lifestyle of disregarding suggestions of metaphors or biography of any kind but creating sleek, geometric designs that are purposeful, radical and aesthetic.

Currently, the idea of minimalism influences modern technology, advertising techniques and interior design. It is more of a principle than a style, and a growing population is adopting a minimalist lifestyle.

Incorporating Minimalism Principles

The minimalist initiative is made up concepts of simple and concise design elements and colors. It is about expressing yourself while placing comfort and common sense first.

When decorating, minimalism is the fine art of using limited colors and design elements to make a creatively styled interior. There are unlimited styles that can be created using a minimalist mindset.

Repeated geometric forms used together to form a design on an accent wall or room furnishings can create a clean-cut look while making focal points in the room. Incorporating both light and dark colors can add a volumizing contrast to add design elements without necessarily adding more items to a room.

Choosing Your Paint

The minimalist movement regards simple, neutral colors as ideal characteristics of a room or home. However, choosing the perfect living room or bedroom paint can be the difference between a refreshing, modern feel or a boring and unfinished interior.

Benjamin Moore paint named Simply White its 2016 color of the year, sticking to the idea of simple, yet elegant. Ben Moore paint comes in various colors that can bring rich, vivid color while maintaining the minimalist values. From bedrooms, bathrooms and ceilings, searching for paint shops near me can help you find where to buy paint in the color and style to fit your home needs.

At JC Licht, who carries Benjamin Moore paint, paint specialists will help you find the perfect paint color and product for your home project.

Choosing Colors

When choosing a color scheme, use a simple color wheel to choose the perfect color harmony. For a dynamic room style, choose one of these color combination styles:
  • Monochromatic: various shades, tones or tones of one color.
  • Analogous: colors that appear beside each other on the color wheel.
  • Complementary: colors that appear on the opposite sides of the color wheel, such as blue and orange or red and green.
  • Split-complementary: any color on the color wheel as well as the two that border the color across.
  • Triadic: three colors that are evenly spaced while looking at the color wheel.

Creating a Room Dynamic

A color palette sets the atmosphere for a room in any home. Do you want your renovated room to have a warm or cold feel? Would you like it to appear young and modern or casual and comfortable? Do you want the room to be themed by holiday, season or location?

For example, a warm room atmosphere would include colors such as red, orange or brown used for both painted walls, furnishings and décor. A bright and playful room may include yellow, white or green colors. However, be sure not to overwhelm a room design by including several colors, but limiting it to two to four colors.

Completing Your Room

After choosing your paint and room dynamic, reach out to a JC Licht specialist to consult with, answer any questions or provide problem-solving solutions. Be intentional in the small details and design elements you choose to finish the room’s dynamic. Use the opportunity of redesigning your home to express your own design style. Contact JC Licht today for more information!

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