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Upcoming Wood Stain Trends for 2017

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Upcoming Wood Stain Trends for 2017 | JC Licht

This year, we expect deck stain finishing trends to part ways with the neutral sober colors we’ve grown accustomed to, away from traditional house painting colors, shifting toward bolder looks that will give decks, gazebos and other special projects the ability to showcase some bright new motifs. You can look forward to seeing colors from both ends of the spectrum, ranging from dark all the way to blonde — with some gray still mixed in conservatively. And, whatever your tastes, you can always count on Benjamin Moore finishes to fit the bill.

There’s going to be a lot of room for expression this year, but the trends will be departing from texture paint and from the traditional stain colors as well. Look for extremes of dark and light with little in between. But say goodbye to the days of ultra-glossy finishes. Homeowners are choosing flat, understated finishes with less shine.

Current trends show dark and brownish stain products selling well in the northern states, with reds and browns leaping off shelves in the prairie states and mountain regions. Benjamin Moore deck stain is a popular choice for all the extreme shades, including the grays, off-whites and beige, which are still in demand in coastal areas.

Like photos, glossy is just glossy — a frill with which folks are becoming disenchanted. Shiny, lustrous surfaces are hard to maintain, especially outdoors, and they can be distracting. But a flat matte Benjamin Moore stain finish doesn’t stick to your fingers. It can look dull if not properly executed, but it should look more natural and is a good choice for balancing light in areas that will be featured in photographs.

The Return of Natural Finished Hardwood

Grey hardwood has been popular in recent years, and this trend still has some steam left in it. Deck wood trends tend to last between four and five years before something else comes along. This will likely prove true for heavy European and French White Oak exterior floors.

But it’s just a matter of time before discerning homeowners started returning to traditional woods sans trendy colors and flashy effects. In 2016, we saw renewed interest in neutral tones. One customer said; “I don’t want to have to change everything when gray goes out of fashion.”

Feeling Distressed?

Heavier, hand-scraped and contoured wood products became very popular around 2005, but that trend has dialed back somewhat in most areas in favor of softer, wire-brushed ceruse effects seen frequently on White Oak and similar materials.

This is a wood that has been unusually resilient to trend effects, unlike like the other whites mentioned. Reclaimed wood will always be popular, but it has never been a real front-runner.

Satin-Finished Wood Floors

A satin finish is a good compromise between matte and gloss. Satin finishes are usually about 40 percent/60 percent gloss/matte. A practical pullback from the outgoing full-shine look, it was the most popular outdoor finish last year.

The best thing about this option is you can be sure it will have a place in the hearts of buyers when it comes time to sell. Satin finishes will stay current through just about any turn of flooring fads, making them a particularly safe choice for homeowners who do not want to redo their deck surfaces every five years, which can get to be a bit tedious after about a decade.

Matte Finish Floors

Previously looked on as dull and tiresome, matte finished decks are taking up a leading role in the latest home decor trends. While sellers and investors are still holding on to the last remnants of their shine toward satin finishes, the matte trend is in the early stages of a major explosion into the limelight — a trend that has not yet reached its zenith.

A Few Tips Before You Go

  • Dark-stained decks are very effective for highlighting contrasting bright white surfaces.
  • Blonde, light decking is gaining favor with homeowners who like light colors, but don’t want to fuss with a gloss finish. New beautiful blonde woods have transformed the new style perception completely. Light surfaces brighten up spaces, and they an be especially attractive in areas with heavy shade or a solid overhead.
  • Even though it’s going through a down phase, you can expect gray to reemerge given time. Even though 2017 is heavy on extremes in color, gray deck wood and stains still have a heartbeat, and we don’t expect that to change any time in the foreseeable future. This neutral and calming color has been a favorite in previous years and can be expected to return to the forefront in the next four to six years. If you’re thinking about selling a home within that time frame, gray may be the color of choice for you.

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