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Planning Your 2024 DIY Paint Projects

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Planning Your 2024 DIY Paint Projects

Planning Your 2024 DIY Paint Projects

The start of a new year is a great time to get going on some DIY paint projects around your Chicago home. All the best paint projects start with excellent planning, and we’re here to help you plan your 2024 DIY jobs with Benjamin Moore paint colors. 

Know What You Need

Many people are surprised when they learn what supplies are necessary for professional-looking results. You’ll need supplies to prep your surface using items like fine-grit sandpaper and spackling compound to fill any small holes or cracks. Drop cloths to protect your furniture and floor are also essential. Two brush styles, flat and angled, will help you apply paint neatly and evenly to walls and trim. Most rooms also require a roller and extension pole to reach the top of the walls and ceiling. Our Benjamin Moore specialists can assist you with choosing the  painting supplies you need for your project. 

To Prime Or Not To Prime: That Is The Question

Many Benjamin Moore paint formulas are 2-in-1 paint and primer combos, but some projects call for priming before you crack open the paint can. So, when do you prime? If you’re changing drastically from a dark shade to a lighter one or switching from a high sheen to a less glossy finish, priming is a step that you shouldn’t skip. A primer is also necessary to cover water or smoke stains to prevent them from leaching through the paint. 

Selecting Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

With more than 3,500 colors, you can quickly become overwhelmed when it’s time to choose yours. The first step is to decide on the vibe you want in the space you’re painting. Remember that some colors, like  orange and red, are energizing, while others, such as shades of blue and green, are tranquil and relaxing. 

Next, you’ll choose a palette that fits the ambiance you’re going for. A standard color palette for most rooms is no more than three to five colors. Less than three is bland, and more than five is too busy. Every palette needs primary, secondary, and accent colors. 

There’s even a method to help you decide how much space to cover with each color. Apply the 60-30-10 rule to your primary, secondary, and accent colors, respectively, and you’ll achieve the ideal balance of all shades. 

Getting The Job Done

If you’ll be working outside, the right weather is everything. The ideal conditions for painting are warm, dry days with low humidity. Fortunately, the forecast won’t affect you much if you’re working on an interior paint project. You’ll need ample ventilation, so avoid painting on rainy days when opening the windows, which will allow unwanted moisture to enter the room. 

Paint projects turn out poorly if you rush, so ensure you give yourself enough time for your project to succeed. Even with primer, most rooms will require two coats of paint for the most authentic display of color. Drying time for primer is about three hours, and a coat of paint takes about four, so plan accordingly. 

Prep For Your 2024 DIY Paint Projects In Chicago

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