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JC Licht’s Color of the Month January: Benjamin Moore’s Antique Pewter 1560

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Benjamin Moore Antique Pewter available at JC Licht

Elevate your interior design with a timeless color that transcends trends and seasons. Benjamin Moore’s Antique Pewter, a classic shade with enduring charm, is the go-to choice for those seeking elegance and sophistication. Let’s delve into the world of this versatile hue, Benjamin Moore Antique Pewter, and unlock its full potential to transform your space.

Key Takeaways

  • Benjamin Moore’s Antique Pewter is a timeless color from the Classics collection renowned for its captivating charm.
  • Versatile neutral wall paint shade, exhibiting a range of shades in different lighting conditions to suit various design aesthetics.
  • Ideal color for multiple spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. Benjamin Moore offers premium paints and finishes to achieve high-quality outcomes.

Discovering Antique Pewter

Benjamin Moore’s Antique Pewter is renowned for its timeless appeal. This classic color, part of the revered Classics collection, has an enduring charm that captivates at the first glance.

The Color Profile

Antique Pewter is a rich and vibrant hue that falls within the spectrum of pewter shades. It adds a touch of sophistication to any interior paint job, distinguishing itself with its understated elegance. Antique Pewter is a muted gray wall paint that subtly incorporates a tint of blue or green, setting it apart from other grays that typically exhibit prominent warm or cool undertones. This makes Antique Pewter a versatile neutral shade that can suit a variety of design aesthetics.

One of the unique attributes of Antique Pewter is its versatility in different lighting conditions. It can exhibit a range of shades from darker to lighter tones, harmonizing effortlessly with any environment. This makes it an excellent choice not just for wall paint but also for ceiling paint and trim.

Ideal Spaces for Antique Pewter

Antique Pewter is a remarkably versatile color, suitable for a variety of spaces in your home or office. It is especially ideal for:

  • Painting living rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Dining rooms
  • Home offices
  • Powder rooms

In a living room, Antique Pewter can add depth and character, pairing well with both traditional and modern designs. It can complement old-world antiques in a traditional setting or provide a neutral backdrop for a more contemporary layout with streamlined furniture.

In a bedroom, Antique Pewter creates a classic and timeless ambiance, imparting a sense of sophistication and tranquility. For office spaces, Antique Pewter is an equally versatile option. It can create a modern and sophisticated atmosphere when paired with contemporary furniture or evoke a classical ambiance when combined with traditional elements.

Several tips for decorating with Antique Pewter include:

  • Using it as a ceiling or trim accent
  • Establishing a cozy atmosphere with warm wall paints like cream or beige
  • Decorating with antique pewter items for an old-world charm.
Benjamin Moore Antique Pewter available at JC Licht

Complementary Colors and Design Ideas

For enriching your Antique Pewter environment, deliberate on integrating matching colors and design concepts. According to color theory, the most suitable complementary colors for Benjamin Moore’s Antique Pewter may include:

In addition, white, off-white, natural wood tones, brass, and emerald green are also considered to work well with Antique Pewter, resulting in discernibly truer, richer hues.

Current design trends for integrating Antique Pewter include utilizing vintage pewter items such as plates, pitchers, and candlesticks, as well as incorporating accents in brass, silver, and pewter.

Accent Colors

Accent colors can be instrumental in boosting the visual attraction of an area painted with Antique Pewter. The most complementary accent colors to pair with Antique Pewter are:

  • emerald green
  • creamy-brown
  • gray
  • green-blue
  • red

According to color theory, pairing yellow with Antique Pewter can provide balance, while options such as mustard yellow or fuchsia pink can offer a bolder look. Additionally, teal and aquamarine can contribute to a cool-toned aesthetic, and gold accents can introduce a touch of glamour.

When designing a room with an Antique Pewter theme, it is advisable to consider the following:

  • Use warmer shades of pewter or yellow as accent colors
  • Incorporate minimalistic tabletop accents to enhance the rustic patina of pewter in the room
  • Combine accent colors like mustard yellow or fuchsia pink with Antique Pewter to create a feeling of boldness and vibrancy.

Coordinating Neutrals

For a harmonious design, coordinating neutrals can be effortlessly combined with Antique Pewter. The primary neutral colors that harmonize with Antique Pewter, fostering a well-balanced and cohesive design, encompass tones such as:

  • beige
  • silver
  • bright white
  • charcoal gray

The presence of lighting can significantly modify the perception of neutral colors when combined with Antique Pewter. Variations in natural light can affect the intensity and shade, while artificial lighting has the potential to influence the perceived warmth or coolness of neutrals.

To incorporate neutrals with Antique Pewter in a room, one can employ a combination of various shades of gray, juxtapose with darker elements, utilize cool-toned neutrals, introduce texture to the design, or integrate a variety of classic neutral shades.


In conclusion, Benjamin Moore’s Antique Pewter is a classic and versatile shade that can transform any space into a sophisticated and timeless haven. With the right premium paints and finishes, its rich and vibrant hue can be beautifully presented, and by incorporating complementary accent colors and coordinating neutrals, it can create a visually stunning and harmonious design. Now, with these insights, you’re equipped to create your dream space infused with the enduring charm of Antique Pewter.

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