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Best Benjamin Moore Paint for Trim

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Best Benjamin Moore Paint for Trim

Trim is often an afterthought when painting a room but it makes a noticeable difference in the overall appearance of a space. The formula and sheen you use impact the aesthetic and longevity of the paint, so you want to choose wisely. Let our Benjamin Moore specialists help you choose the best paint for the trim in any room.

Do You Paint Trim or Walls First?

The order of operations is essential when painting a room in your home. Some professional painters swear you should start with the walls; others insist the trim should be first. We're in the second camp for a couple reasons.

  • Painting the trim first will ensure you have a clean edge. Since trim is narrower than walls, it's more challenging to maintain a steady hand. Painting the trim first lets you focus on precision without worrying about getting paint on the wall.
  • Trim is much easier to cover with tape and touch up than walls.

Choosing the Best Trim Paint

Benjamin Moore interior paint covers various surfaces, so your only task is to choose the right sheen for your trim. Higher sheens are more durable, but don't let that fool you into thinking all of your trim should be semi or high-gloss. Glossy finishes highlight imperfections and are more challenging to apply without leaving brush marks behind.

Baseboards see a lot of action, so it's natural to think the highest gloss available would be a good choice. The downside to high-sheen baseboards is that any scuffs or other marks will be very prominent. We suggest a satin or eggshell finish for this trim because it's durable without being too shiny. Window casings are another excellent candidate for eggshell or satin finish paint. Fingerprints are inevitable here, so durability for cleaning is a must.

We typically recommend a flat finish on ceilings for a clean look that hides any blemishes; however, we may recommend a high-gloss/lacquered finish on ceilings in formal rooms where a high-end look is a must! Talk with one of our designers to see what's best for your home!

Acrylic or Alkyd

Acrylic paint is always a solid go-to for most projects. Still, if you;re serious about tackling the trim in a room, an alkyd paint like Benjamin Moore ADVANCE® Interior Paint will get you the professional-looking results you want. The alkyd cures to an ultra-hard finish that will stand up to the test of time.

Find the Best Paint for Trim in Chicago

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