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Look to Nature for Home Color Inspiration

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Get inspired with the Benjamin Moore paint colors at any JC Licht location

Each day you have the opportunity to step into nature for instant interior design inspiration!

From sunrise to sunset you can find color inspiration for any room in your home. Look out your window or take a long drive in the country to spark your creative juices.

Every color evokes different emotions and has a unique psychological effect. What’s most important is that you ask yourself, “How you want to feel in each room?” Then, look to nature!

Sunrise Inspiration

At the beginning of each day you will find inspiration just by looking out your window towards the east. The sunrise introduces stunning pinks and oranges to the cool blue sky, all colors you can easily incorporate into your home.

Notice how the colors of the early morning sky blend so perfectly together. Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness and creativity, perfect for a child’s bedroom!

Orange Parrot 2169-20 in a kids room available at JC Licht in Chicago

Benjamin Moore: Walls: Orange Parrot 2169-20, ben®, Eggshell.
Left Wall: Sapphireberry 2063-60, ben®, Eggshell. Trim: Chantilly Lace OC-65, ben®, Semi-Gloss.

Cues from Summer

During summer, you can bask in the vibrant green hues of trees and foliage as you drive through winding roads or take a walk around the block. Pay attention to the dark brown tree bark and the rich green colors of the forest.

Green is a color that is often associated with tranquility. If you seek a space that feels natural, organic and restful, green is a great choice.

Fernwood Green 2145-40 on a kitchen island, available at JC Licht in Chicago

Benjamin Moore:Wall: Chantilly Lace OC-65, REGAL® Select, Ulti-Matte. Trim: Dark Linen 2147-60, REGAL® Select, Semi-Gloss. Island: Fernwood Green 2145-40, REGAL® Select, Ulti-Matte.

Water Views

Have you ever taken in the beautify of Lake Michigan’s ripples and waves? Looking towards the horizon where blue water touches blue sky evokes a feeling of calm. No one can deny the rejuvenating feeling of water or the relaxing lull of waves.

The color blue is associated with clarity and creativity, capable of calming the senses in any home.

Breath of Fresh Air 806 craft bench available at JC Licht in Chicago
Benjamin MooreBreath of Fresh Air 806 Aura, Satin.

Autumnal Vibes

The warm reds, yellows, browns and orange colors of autumn’s changing leaves make for a lovely color concept.

Red is energetic and always captures the eye, making a statement that cannot be ignored. Yellow is an uplifting color often associated with happiness.

If you want your space to feel playful and energetic, introduce the colors of autumn into your room!

Ochre 2151-30 kitchen available at JC Licht in Chicago
Benjamin Moore: Walls: Ochre 2151-30 Regal® Select, Eggshell.

Garden Life

Look no further than a garden for loads of color inspiration!

From the dark purple of eggplants to the soft purple of lilac bushes, a wide range of hues can be found in fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Beyond the garden, purple is associated with spirituality and beauty, and its rich tones are reminiscent of royalty and wealth. Purple is always a bold choice because it conveys luxury, power, and confidence.

Caponata AF-650 living room available at JC Licht in Chicago
Benjamin Moore: Walls: Caponata AF-650, Aura, Matte. Trim: Chantilly Lace OC-65, Advance, Satin.

If nature has produced a hue, it’s likely to look beautiful in a home when surrounded by the right complimentary colors. You simply can’t go wrong when mother nature has created the perfect color combinations to inspire us!

If you love colors from nature but you’re not sure how to introduce them into your home, JC Licht’s color experts can help! Click the blue button below to schedule an in-home color consultation.

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