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How to Incorporate Gold Paint into Your Home

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Benjamin Moore Interior Paint available at JC Licht

How to Incorporate Gold Paint into Your Home

When you approach gold paint correctly, it's luxurious and dramatic. However, it can just as quickly be a poor choice leaving a room looking gauche. Incorporating gold paint into your Chicago home doesn't have to be daunting if you know what you're doing, and we're happy to share our expertise with you.

Choose a Gold Tone

Bright, metallic hues are certainly one of the more popular ways to introduce gold paint to your decor, but it's not the only option. Gold is a spectrum of hues like any other color, ranging from soft yellow to bright, orangey shades. A soft gold has a subtle yellow undertone that can make a room feel light and airy. It's cheerful and energetic, making it a lovely choice for nurseries or children's bedrooms. Metallic shades are ideal for rooms where you want to make a sophisticated, glamorous statement. Use metallic gold with a light touch, reserving it for accent or stenciled walls.

Pair Gold with Neutral Colors 

Despite its reputation for opulence, at the end of the day, gold is just another organic material found on Earth, making it perfect for complimenting neutral colors in your home. Metallic shades pair beautifully with warm, deep neutrals, like chocolate brown or dark beige. White isn't off limits, but choose one with a warm undertone to avoid a stark contract between the two colors. 

Use Golden Paint to Liven Up Old Items

Use dark gold to bring a touch of refinement to bureaus and China cabinets that need a facelift. Benjamin Moore Gettysburgh Gold 1064 features deep, warm undertones that bring depth and dimention to pieces. It also looks phenomenal with shades of muted red, like Potter's Wheel 1294, so your space will never have to be without fun pops of color.

Benjamin Moore Interior Paint available at JC Licht

Add Personality with Orange Undertones

On its own, orange is a lively hue. Combining it with gold gives you an effortless way to add intense personality to a room. Golden Nugget 2019-20 is a beautiful shade of golden orange that's ideal for pairing with a warm white, like Powder Sand 2151-70, for a striking contrast. You can get creative and use this shade on the ceiling of a room with a neutral palette for an unexpected, exciting burst of colors.

Apply Color Theory to Gold Paint

If you want to use golden paint but feel stuck, look no further than a color wheel for inspiration. Complementary colors are the hues directly across from gold on the color wheel, so shades of blue are an ideal accent. You can choose a bright blue, powder blue, or even a lavender with gray undertones to create depth and visual interest with a serene touch. You can also look at the neighbouring or analogous colors on the wheel.

Gold Paint Near Chicago, IL

The Benjamin Moore paint experts at JC Licht can help introduce gold paint into any area of your home. We are the city premier dealer of Benjamin Moore paint, Hunter Douglas window treatments, and upscale wallpaper. Stop by one of our showrooms across the Midwest or book an in-home consultation today. You can count on JC Licht to Make it Happen! JC Licht is the preferred of Hunter Douglas products for the Midwest and Chicagoland. Contact Us today! 

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