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Creative Accent Wall Idea

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Creative Accent Wall Ideas

Do you have a room that could use excitement but not a total decor overhaul? An accent wall isyour chance to get creative without changing all of your home design. We have some ideas we’dlove to share!

What is an Accent Wall?

An accent wall is one in a room that you choose to make stand out from the others. It can beultra-bold or understated as long as it’s the first wall that draws your attention when you enter a  room. Accent walls can be designed with premium paint, wallpaper, architectural elements, andmore!

Bold Color

Many people assume that a bold color must be black or bright red. Those colors certainly qualify, but remember that “bold” is subjective. In a space with light gray paint, a vibrant, sunny yellow will brighten the room with bold energy. If you want a high-end accent wall that isn’t overwhelmed with color, consider using metallic gold paint on your accent wall to create a luxe,sophisticated space.

Distinctive Finishes

Do you want an accent wall that’s playful for kids of all ages? Use chalkboard paint and turn  your wall into a personal work of art. Chalkboard paint accent walls are handy in busy spots inyour home, like the kitchen or entryway. You can easily create a quaint space for making agrocery list or a safe drawing space for the kids. A textured finish is unique and a fantastic way to conceal any minor blemishes on your wall.There are several ways to add texture to a painted wall, and some are more complex to master  than others. We love the look of orange peel, sand swirl, and slap brush finishes.
Wallpaper available at JC Licht

Color Tones

A tonal look is very much open to interpretation. You can use three shades of the same color to vertical or horizontal stripes; the only additional tool you’ll require is painter’s tape forclean, crisp lines. We also adore the look of an ombré wall. Pulling this off takes a little more effort and patience, but it’s worth it. If an ombré look sounds exciting, but you’re questioning your ability, use light colors; mistakes won’t be as prominent.

Creative Wallpaper Options

That’s right. You don’t have to pull out a paintbrush to have a stunning accent wall. There are endless options when it comes to pattern, color, and texture, so you can really exercise your creative muscles. You can keep things low-key with a small, repeating pattern or create a  breathtaking backdrop in your room with a mural or landscape on your accent wall. If you’re not a fan of a big paint project, wallpaper with a single solid color will brighten up the room just as easily as paint.

Accent Wall Ideas Near Chicago, IL

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