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Apartment Decorating: How to Decorate Small Spaces with Wallpaper

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Apartment Decorating: How to Decorate Small Spaces with Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be intimidating, especially if the space where you want to use it isn't vast. The truth is you can make wallpaper work in any size area with some know-how. Let us share our expertise on how to decorate small spaces.

Why Not?

We're familiar with the tried-and-true interior design rules – use light colors in small spaces and don't overwhelm them with bold patterns, but there's always room to think outside the box. Compact spaces don't mean you have to stick with a small design. Wallpaper is a fantastic way to bring that special something to a small area because it makes a statement without taking up any extra space beyond the wall. 

Wrap The Room in Wallpaper

People often think that you should use wallpaper only on a feature wall. Wrapping the wallpaper around the room on every wall creates flow and continuity. These design tricks keep your eye moving, which can trick it into thinking your space is more significant than it is. 

Should You Use Patterned Wallpaper?

Do you want to use a patterned wallpaper? Do it, but consider the size. Smaller patterns, like delicate florals or polka dots, work better in small areas because they don't overwhelm the space. Another option is to create a feature wall with a scenic mural or landscape. These types of wallpaper lend an extreme amount of depth to a room and will quickly convince you that you're in ample, open space. 

Using a pattern with other popular design tricks, like long vertical lines, is another way to make it work in a small space. We don't necessarily mean physical stripes but rather vertical blinds or draperies that are hung just below the ceiling. Both will keep your eye moving upward, giving the illusion of a taller ceiling. 

Wallpaper available at JC Licht

Texture Wallpaper is Never a Poor Choice

Consider using textured wallpaper if patterns don't have a home within your decorative palette. Texture brings the walls of a room to the forefront rather than having them fade away into obscurity. Textured walls offer dimension and visual interest to keep you engaged and continually looking around a room. Grasscloth and embroidered styles are bold choices that give your room a three-dimensional appearance. 

Get Creative with Wallpaper

Create a genuinely immersive wallpaper experience by using wallpaper on the ceiling of a small space to give an unexpected pop of color or texture. However, remember that wallpaper isn't only for walls. Use it to line the back of bookshelves or built-ins or to create a fun yet functional headboard in your bedroom. 

Small Space Decorating

Never be afraid to make a bold move in a small space. Wallpaper isn't permanent; if it isn't all you hoped it would be, using it in a smaller area means it takes up less visual real estate within your home. Also, remember to edit the room regularly. Clutter is the kryptonite to successful decorating within small spaces. 

How to Decorate Small Spaces with JC Licht

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