Bring Warmth Indoors This Winter with JC Licht’s Color of the Month: Atrium White OC-145 | JC Licht


Bring Warmth Indoors This Winter with JC Licht’s Color of the Month: Atrium White OC-145

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Bring the warmth indoors this winter with Atrium White OC-145

Well, it’s officially January. The temperatures have dropped and the fluffy white snow is ready to officially make its entrance. Along with it, comes our choice for Color of the Month:Atrium White OC-145.

White is by far the most popular paint color around. However, not all whites are created equal. Everywhere you look, there are many different shades of white. Throw in off-white shades, and things get even more confusing. This variety can lead to a lot of hair-pulling for everyone from DIYers to homeowners working with professionals, when they find that their white ceases toappear white in specific lighting situations.

Some whites can even seem cold and chilling; not always ideal to come home to after a day of commuting through Chicago wind tunnels in the middle of Winter! If this information scares you because you were considering repainting this winter, don’t fear. We’ve got your solution.

Enter JC Licht’s choice for Color of the Month:Atrium White – OC-145. Benjamin Moore chose Atrium White OC-145 and the rest of theBenjamin Moore Color Trends 2021 Palette specifically to bring a bit of warmth into our lives and our homes this year. This Color Trends Palette offsets the stressful, pandemic-ridden year we all had in 2020. Throughout the palette, the earthy undertones bring to mind a sense of calm where we need it most: our homes. The tranquility and inviting-quality of these colors is the perfect counterbalance to a hectic year. We’ll cover each of these amazing colors in future blogs, but for now, is there a better way to start 2021 than with a fresh, warm, and inviting coat of white paint? We don’t think so! With soft pink undertones, this off-white color invokes an alluring sense of comfort.

Come into any ofJC Licht’s 48 locationsthroughout the Greater Chicago area to get your color samples. See for yourself just how attractive Atrium White OC-145, and the rest of the 2021 Palette can be!

Kitchen painted in Atrium White, available at JC Licht in Chicago

The Basics of Choosing Atrium White OC-145 as a Color

It is essential to consider how much natural and artificial light a room gets when choosing colors. Each Benjamin Moore color comes with an LRV orlight reflectance value.The higher the LRV number, the brighter the color will appear when exposed to light. Pairing a very bright room with a very high LRV could lead to a blinding and washed-out effect. The opposite is also true.

Atrium White OC-145has an LRV of 87.04, which means it is less reflective than other white paints. For instance,Simply White OC-117 has an LRV of 91.7, andChantilly Lace OC-65has an LRV of 92.2. Therefore, Atrium White OC-145 will reflect light well but is less likely to appear washed out in a very bright room,like the kitchen, whether it is used on the wall or as trim. However, an LRV of 87.04 is still high on the spectrum, which means that it is also a great color to brighten up darker rooms.

Another thing to consider is which direction your windows face. Rooms with southern exposure will appear warmer with a yellow tint, while rooms with northern exposure will appear colder with a blue undertone. Our color choice of the month is an excellent choice in a room with northern exposure. Since it has soft, warm undertones, it will retain its “white effect” while neutralizing the north light’s colder undertones.

Atrium White OC-145 is also an excellent choice for trim in any room. If a room has an overall “cool” tone, be careful with yellow and green tone pairings if you don’t want to activate the pink undertones. While those pink undertones give this white a warmer look, it can appear pink if paired too heavily with a yellow color.

Atrium White paint color used as an accent wall in this bright magenta living room. Available at JC Licht in Chicago, IL

How to Use Atrium White OC-145 in Your Home This Month

In addition to being a perfect trim color, Atrium White OC-145 can also be utilized on walls and ceilings to elevate a room’s feel. Use it to create a seamless accent wall along with aCherry Wine 2080-30 for a fun and flirty look or withPink Bliss 2093-70 to bring a sense of femininity and tranquility to a living room while still feeling warm and inviting.

If you tend to shy away from pink and red shades, greens are another excellent choice to pair with. Painting Atrium White OC-145 on the walls and ceiling and adding in a subtleEmerald Vapor 845 accent wall can create a serene and timeless look, while adding a slightly more bold, saturated color such asSoft Fern 2144-40 can really bring your bedroom room to life .

Green bedroom's make a great pairing with paint color, Atrium White. Get a color consultation at JC Licht in Chicago, IL

If all the possibilities of using Atrium White OC-145 has sparked your creativity this winter, stop by anyJC Licht location for all of your painting needs. We havethe tools, brushes, paint samples,and knowledge to ensure that your new year painting project goes smoothly.

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