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New Year, New You, New Home (Sort Of!)

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New Year, New You! Update your home office space with paint from JC Licht.

How to Make your Home Feel New with a Fresh Coat of Paint

When the world stayed home, you got creative. Your dining room table turned into a place where art projects, math equations and history lessons sprawled across the tabletop. Your home office occupied a basement nook or cozy closet. And the quiet guest room became the perfect place for a yoga studio or home gym. As we close the book on 2020 and continue to live out our “new normal,” isn’t it time to give those overused spaces a little refresh?

The perfect place to start is by updating your interior paint color! Just a simple change can make your home feel like new in the new year. Whatever your resolutions or goals are for the new year, new paint colors can help you achieve them.

The colors we see on a daily basis have a tremendous impact on our moods and emotions. If you’ve been staring at the same walls since March, now is a great time to consider refreshing the paint color to give each room a whole new feeling. Premium Benjamin Moore paints at your local JC Licht store can help transform your home into rooms that can go from life at-home to life on-the-go (and vice versa!) in an instant.

From Homemade to Home Schooled

The place you used to host dramatic dinner parties or homemade family dinners has quickly become a place of learning and imagination. While you can’t imitate the bright colors of a classroom, you can paint the room in colors that help improve creativity, mood and memory while combating fatigue.

Modern Dining Room with Blue Walls. Get color advice from JC Licht's color consultants

Benjamin MooreSolitude AF-545 andBlue Lace 1625 are subdued blue colors with hints of gray that can easily transition from math class to meatloaf night.Sweet Celadon CSP-785 will soothe your little students, as green colors are calming, and even aid in concentration. Merely painting one accent wall can produce the intended effect without making such a drastic change in your dining area.

Even white walls can work as a homeschool and dining space if paired with fabric or artwork that brightens the room and makes the space feel less sterile. The best part is that all these colors will look great when your kids return to school and you get back to hosting those dinner parties.

From Cozy Closet to Zoom Room

Stylish Home Office Workspace. Update your office with paint from JC Licht in Chicago, IL

Has your small closet or cozy nook become your new home office this year? The colors you see all day while working from home can give you energy or help your productivity while making small spaces feel much larger. And, if you’ve been finding yourself on Zoom all day, you can elevate your background with a new color. Did you know that everyone looks good in front of a pink background? Benjamin MooreTissue Pink 1163 is a subtle pink to use as an alternative to a bare white wall that will serve as an excellent backdrop for your next video call. If you’re looking to evoke wisdom and authority while remaining soft and subtle, consider Misty Memories 2118-60, which combines light lavender with faint gray tones.

Or, if you’d like to spark energy in your home office, yellow hues are proven to release serotonin and brighten areas that lack natural light. Just imagine how it will feel walking into your bright office with a warm cup of coffee, ready to take on the day! Buttermilk 919 can give you that feeling as soon as you step into the room.

However, or wherever, you work from home, switching up your paint color can give you the energy and motivation you need to conquer your to-do list. JC Licht has over 40 local Chicagoland locations selling premium Benjamin Moore Paint, so visit your nearest one or request acustom color consultation for your space.

From Guest Suite to Yoga Studio

As guest rooms sit empty and gym memberships go unused, your guest space is the perfect place to meditate, take a virtual yoga class or do some jumping jacks or cardio before you head into your closeted “home office.” A simple stroke of the paintbrush can create an energizing workout room that will continue to look great when you’re ready to turn it back into a guest room.

Create a home gym space with fresh paint from JC Licht in Chicago, IL

Certain colors can even make a small area appear larger. Dark colors produce a receding effect, so adding a dark accent wall in a square room can elongate the space, so you don’t feel crammed in when taking a yoga class or doing some power squats. Your personal style can dictate whether you go with vibrant hues or more restrained tones, so your guests will feel right at home (when you begin having guests again). Check out Benjamin MooreNavy Masterpiece 1652 orRosy Apple 2006-30 for these types of spaces. If you choose to go the vibrant route, it has been proven to create energy, but keep in mind that those colors can strain your eyes if they are overused, so use them sparingly.

Whether your craving colors that help with relaxation for yoga or to fire you up for a HIIT workout, our experts at JC Licht are here to help.

The New Normal Calls for New Paint

A new year signals a new beginning, and while you’re thinking about your personal resolutions, resolve to make 2021 the year you rejuvenate your home with a fresh coat of paint. Visit your local JC Licht store to find the Benjamin Moore paint color that’s perfect for your space. Our color consultants can help you select the right paint for each room in your home, and we sell all thepainting supplies you’ll need to complete your project with ease.

Get your new colors for a new home feel in the new year, only at JC Licht.

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