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Best Summer Wallpaper

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Best Summer Wallpaper

Summer is fresh, fun, and, in Chicago, far too short. That’s why we love cute summer wallpapers. They’re an exquisite accent during the summer season and keep the spirit of sunshine alive when the snow flies. 

Wallpaper Trends

Much like lazy summer days, wallpaper trends move at a leisurely pace. Wallpaper has always remained in fashionable grace, but its uses, colors, and prints have evolved. It lasts longer than paint and requires more time and effort to apply, so it makes sense to change it less frequently.

Chinoiserie Wallpapers

If you’re looking for cute summer wallpapers to create a cohesive design throughout your home, the fusion of international styles in Chinoiserie is it. The epitome of delicate elegance, chinoiserie wallpaper is a light summer breeze for your walls. The style flows effortlessly from one room to the next. Chinoiserie is a fantastic way to introduce floral motifs and songbirds and has options for bold and subtle tastes. 

Gradient Styles

When you look outside in the summer, you see various colors from sunrise to sunset. Gradient wallpapers tend to have more muted patterns, but their myriad of hues and the ease of transitions between them make this style perfect for adding texture or a touch of abstract design to any setting. 

Gradient wallpapers look particularly stunning when they feature thin geometric patterns that bring incredible depth to an area in your home. Gradient and ombre styles are often confused, but they use color differently. An ombre wallpaper features a single color in differing hues, from lightest to darkest, while a gradient style can incorporate many complementary shades. 

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Embrace Your Adventurous Side

Summer is the perfect time to explore new places, go on adventures, and create memories you’ll treasure for years to come. The excitement of summer doesn’t have to end when the leaves begin to fall. Cute summer wallpapers allow you to enjoy vivid colors and patterns all year. Think large-scale botanical prints featuring fruit and wildlife, including birds, sea creatures, and even insects like ladybugs or butterflies. 


Murals are an easy way to use cute summer wallpapers to bring life to a space. The walls of a room are a fantastic place to tell a story with shapes and colors, and murals are exceptionally well suited to large rooms. A mural is a distinctive way to zone an expansive space and bring visual interest to a wall with a quiet story that unfolds as your eyes wander the room. 

Whether you want a life-like life background with natural elements or a unique pattern that accents the architecture of your home, murals will never disappoint. Murals are great for those who appreciate muted maximalism with its bold prints in soft colors

Cute Summer Wallpapers in Chicago

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