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Best Paint for Outdoor Paint Projects

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Best Paint for Outdoor Paint Projects

The summer months are an excellent time to cross outdoor painting projects off your to-do list. Painting outdoors requires a slightly different formula than interior jobs, and using the right paint is essential for a job well done. 

Why the Paint Matters

If you have extra paint in your garage from when you repainted your living room, you may feel tempted to use it for an outdoor project. This is when your DIY guardian angel would show up and slap the paintbrush out of your hand. Exterior paint is explicitly made to withstand exposure to the sun, wind, and rain; interior formulas aren’t.  

Choosing Outdoor Paint for Wood

Oil-Based Paint

If you ask around, you’ll likely hear that oil-based paint is the best choice for outdoor wood projects. Oil-based paint is incredibly durable and adheres to wood exceptionally well, but it doesn’t expand or contract with temperature changes, so cracks are inevitable. It’s also prone to turning dull and chalky within a year or two after application. 

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic formulas are the best outdoor paint for wood. Acrylic paint retains its color and sheen for longer. It’s also a flexible coating, so it’s less likely to crack and has fewer toxic fumes than oil-based exterior paint. If you’re painting outdoor furniture, remember that a higher sheen holds up better to friction from frequent touching than a lower one. 

High Build Formulas

Even with the most strenuous preparation, there are some imperfections you can’t eliminate. This is the time for high-build paint to shine. It has a much thicker formula than other outdoor paint, allowing it to cover small cracks in fewer coats. 

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Paint for People in a Hurry

Most exterior paint shouldn’t be used if rain is forecasted that day. If you’re working with a limited window of time, we suggest using paint that can handle rain as soon as an hour after application. This outdoor paint is also an excellent choice for painting during high humidity. 

The Best Colors for Outdoor Paint Projects

Using the best paint is only part of the equation. Some colors are better suited for outdoor use than others. Neutrals like tan, beige, and white fade less quickly than bright colors; it’s less noticeable when they do. If you’re set on a particular color, opt for a lighter shade of it. 

The exception to this rule is your front door. Your home’s front door is more protected from the elements than other areas, so you can go all in with any color you love. 

The Best Paint for Outdoor Paint Projects at JC Licht

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