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Making the Most of Your Backyard This Summer

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Arborcoat exterior deck stain available at JC Licht.

Making the most of your backyard in the summer is much easier if it's in good shape. Do you cringe when you look at your deck? It may be time to restain. Let's talk about how to prep your deck for restaining and how to celebrate when the job is completed properly. 

Host a Prep Party

There's no way around the fact that your deck must be clean before you can restain it, and every DIY project is faster if your friends are helping. Invite your besties to help you scrub and scrape the wood to get it in shape for stain. You'll likely need to enlist a power washer and sandpaper, so hopefully, you have a couple of friends who are seasoned weekend warriors. If you serve tasty snacks and beverages, they may even come back when it's time to apply the stain

Since you'll be getting your hands dirty anyway, this is also the ideal time to tackle those DIY projects you've been putting off. Refinish that vintage bar cart for stylish cocktail and mocktail supplies storage, and consider restaining your exterior wood furniture

Backyard Basics

Your deck needs to dry for at least 24 hours after washing, and another 48 after staining, so you'll want to make the most of your backyard during this time. The shady spots underneath large trees practically beg for a hammock or two, and a large umbrella can block the sun from a small seating area. Add a firepit for late-night gatherings (preferably with s'mores), and your backyard will be blissful. 

Arborcoat exterior deck stain available at JC Licht.

Deck Party Done Right

The stain has had time to cure; now you party. Use outdoor area rugs to create separate conversation zones if your deck is large. More compact spaces can still host plenty of people if you're clever with storage. Use ottomans for additional impromptu seating and nesting tables so every guest has a place to set their cocktail. 

If you're more of a socialite than a grill master, you may want to invest in cocktail tables and stools rather than a setup with a sofa and chairs around a central table. Incorporate lighting (because you'll be celebrating your newly stained deck well into the night, right?) with solar-powered pieces, and don't forget to illuminate any stairways. 

Texture is just as important outdoors as inside, so use large plants and potted trees to add depth and color. Toss a few chunky knits throw blankets inside the ottomans because even our summer nights can get chilly. 

Make the Most of Your Backyard with JC Licht

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