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Accent Walls in Mid-Century Modern Homes

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Accent Walls in Mid-Century Modern Homes

Mid-Century Modern design emphasizes clean lines and functionality, but that doesn't mean it can't include a show-stopping accent wall. Accent walls always have the same purpose: to draw attention to a space within a room. We'll show you how easy it is to introduce accent walls in Mid-Century Modern homes. 

Different Avenues to the Same Destination

Paint is among the most popular choices for accent walls, but it's certainly not the only route you can take. An accent wall is one of the most versatile, customizable decorative elements, so you can't go wrong with one in any room of your Chicago home. Wallpaper, art, and wood paneling are just a few of the ways you can create an awe-inspiring accent wall. 

Create a Classic Accent Wall with Paint

Remember that accent walls are meant to stand out and draw attention in a room, so save the neutral hues for other areas in a space. Mid-Century Modern homes are characterized by their use of bright but naturally occurring colors. Warm, earthy shades like burnt orange or mustard yellow are ideal colors to reflect the Mid-Century Modern style. 

Wallpapered Accent Wall 

Wallpaper can make a striking Mid-Century Modern accent, but not just any will do. You want bold, vibrant colors with sharp, geometric shapes to create a truly authentic Mid-Century Modern accent wall. Wallpaper is also a fantastic way to cover half a wall; if your home has chair rails or wainscotting, paper the flat portion above for added depth and interest without covering the whole wall. 

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Mid-Century Modern Gallery Wall

Much like the wallpapered accent one, a gallery version needs art specific to the decor scheme. Choose pieces from the period when Mid-Century Modern design was in its heyday; vintage abstract, pop art, or geometric styles are excellent choices. Mix and match sizes and frame styles to create a slightly eclectic look without venturing too far into maximalism territory. When hanging artwork, a good rule of thumb is to measure 58" from the floor to ensure it's at eye level for most people. 

Wood Paneling or Brick Accent Wall

Wood with warm tones, like oak and teak, will give your home a cozy, retro feel. Paneling hung in a vertical orientation will provide the clean, classic appearance Mid-Century Modern design is known for. Another organic option is to paint an exposed brick wall to add texture. You can whitewash the bricks to give them a pop of color while keeping them in their most natural state. 

Accent Walls for Your Mid-Century Modern Chicago Home

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