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Best Mid-Century Modern Wallpaper

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We love wallpaper in all interiors, but it's one of our favorites in Mid-Century Modern design. Like most Mid-Century Modern elements, wallpaper can be subtle and laidback or bold and statement-making. To find the best Mid-Century Modern wallpaper for your home, deciding how you will use it is essential. The wallcovering needs for a pristine sitting room will differ from those of a casual living room or bedroom. 

Mid-Century Wallpaper for Formal Spaces 

Clean lines and minimal ornamentation are defining qualities of Mid-Century Modern interior design. Leaning into these characteristics is an easy way to choose wallpaper for dining and sitting rooms. One of our favorite sophisticated Mid-Century Modern wallpaper styles features slim gold lines forming geometric shapes, like hexagons, on a neutral background. Triangle or diamond motifs are another excellent pattern option. You can keep things exciting and add more color by using artwork to create a gallery wall. 

Maintaining a neutral-color background is vital to preserving the upscale aesthetic of "No kids allowed!" rooms in your home. A white or cream wallpaper with black, navy, or blush details is ideal for keeping walls from being dull without overwhelming a space. Starburst is a popular design detail in Mid-Century Modern interiors, and with a suitable color scheme, it can be an excellent choice for refined areas in your home. 

Mid-Century Wallpaper for Casual Rooms 

For all the sleek lines and neutral colors, there are just as many organic shapes and bold hues to provide contrast. Abstract prints are a fantastic way to dress up the walls in spaces meant for casual entertaining. An amalgamation of colors from across the rainbows perfectly complements shapes featuring smooth, organic curves. Mid-Century Modern design is flexible, so choose wallpaper with organic and geometric shapes. 

York Wallcoverings available at JC Licht.

Mid-Century Wallpaper for Accent Walls

Even in the most whimsical spaces, there are times when using the same wallpaper on every wall will create visual clutter. In these cases, we encourage you to have fun choosing a Mid-Century Modern wallpaper for an accent wall. Colors, shapes, animals; the sky's the limit. Let the accent wall take the design stage by keeping the other walls in the room neutral with softer patterns and solid colors. You can create a cohesive look by framing a piece of the accent wallpaper and hanging it on one of the less-lively walls. 

Wallpaper with various shapes, like half-circles and squares, is a perfect transitional print to use in spaces in the gray area between formal and not. Mid-Century Modern design also has a minimalist side; Guest rooms and bathrooms are suitable spaces to embrace clean lines, wood accents, and calming colors. Bold colors and patterns are great, but even the most artsy guests will appreciate a peaceful space.

Mid-Century Modern Wallpaper for Chicago Homes

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