Vintage Interiors Style Guide: How to Achieve the Perfect Vintage Room Decor

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Vintage Interiors Style Guide

We’ve debriefed many interior design styles on our blog, but we have yet to tackle vintage room decor or retro design. Rather than being an official design style, vintage decor is more of a way to approach design. Use these guidelines to curate a vintage interior that even a museum would envy.

What is Vintage Room Decor?

Because “vintage” encapsulates such a broad timeframe, it’s hard to agree on a firm definition of vintage decor. Some people may find joy in the loud colors and bold prints of the ’80s and ’90s, whereas others may want to keep tradition alive and respect trends from the 1920s. For this guide, we will refer to vintage decor as that taking inspiration from design trends popular between 1920 and 1950. 

Retro Maximalism

A common misconception is that vintage room decor is the same as antiquing. While people fond of retro decoration may be prone to scouring thrift stores and antique shops, they collect their decor pieces with a specific design intention rather than for the sake of expanding a collection. Retro design does lean in the maximalist direction, if not fully embracing the more-is-more design philosophy. 

To successfully achieve the look you’re going for, focus on collecting decor items with a common theme. This could be a color family, a material, a subject, or even just a feeling. When you intentionally collect items, your space will look purposeful rather than cluttered. 

Hunter Douglas Heritance® wood shutters, retro design, vintage room decor, retro decoration near Chicago, Illinois (IL)

Choosing a Vintage Color Palette

Vintage room decor shares many elements with traditional interior design, and a soft color palette is one of the strongest similarities. If you have an older home, let the architectural style influence your color palette choice. Look out for the shape of rooms, size of windows, and flooring style to help determine the era in which your home was constructed. 

Early 20th-century architecture rejected modernism, turning toward soft colors and elements to create a serene home environment. Pre-war homes, built between 1890 and 1940, are some of the most desirable properties because they are full of character. Hardwood floors, crown molding, and high ceilings are commonly found in pre-war homes. Enhance your house’s soft characteristics with soft, neutral shades like cream, tan, and brown.

Vintage Home Furnishings

When selecting furnishings and home accessories, stick to a particular color palette or theme to ensure all of your choices are cohesive. Embrace sturdy wood furniture pieces and pair them with light textiles to soften the space. 

We love shutters and drapery in a vintage space. Shutters are one of the oldest window treatments, originating in old England. Add drapery to create a classic atmosphere that will stand the test of time, much like the rest of your vintage decor. Pairing light textiles with deep woods captures the formal, elegant nature of pre-war design without sacrificing style.

Hunter Douglas Heritance® wood shutters, retro design, vintage room decor, retro decoration near Chicago, Illinois (IL)

Window Treatments for Every Era

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