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Colonial Shutters vs. Plantation Shutters

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Hunter Douglas Heritance™ shutters, plantation shutters, window shutters near Chicago, Illinois (IL) and midwest

It's no secret that window shutters are the trendiest window treatment of 2022. We have featured them several times on our blog for a good reason! Stunning and practical, window shutters are an excellent choice for homes across the country. But which style of shutters should you invest in - colonial or plantation?

Colonial Shutters

Colonial, or traditional, window shutters are the ones that started it all. They originated in England as a purely functional window treatment. During old England's cold, gray, and rainy winters, homeowners needed a practical way to protect themselves against the elements while letting natural light into their homes.

At the time, glass was an expensive commodity reserved for the wealthy. Because most people at the time could not afford large amounts of glass to cover their windows, homes were designed with smaller windows to help with building costs.

Because of this, colonial shutters are significantly smaller than their plantation counterparts. Narrow casing and tight slats are two hallmarks of traditional shutters. Additionally, many colonial shutters have fixed slats, which can not be adjusted. To get more light, one must open the entire shutter.

Plantation Shutters

Hunter Douglas Palm Beach™ shutters, plantation shutters, window shutters near Chicago, Illinois (IL) and midwest

Once window shutters made their way to the newly-founded United States, it didn't take long to put a spin on the English invention. The south has significantly different weather than England, so the window coverings had to be adjusted accordingly.

Plantation homes often boasted large, expansive windows. These were both a sign of wealth and a way to keep a large home cool during the hot and humid summers that were so common in the south. Cost was not a concern for plantation owners, who made fortunes off slave labor. They had the means to invest in large wooden fixtures, such as shutters.

Plantation shutters are broader and taller than colonial shutters. But the most significant difference is in their function. In addition to opening, plantation shutters also feature louvers that can adjust the angle of the slats. This is essential for keeping large houses cool during the hot months.

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Other Types of Shutters

Although colonial shutters and plantation shutters are the most popular window treatment style, they're certainly not the only iterations of this desirable fixture. Shutters come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, including:

Cafe Shutters: These shutters cover the bottom half of a window to provide privacy while still letting light inside.

Board & Batten Shutters: Often found in rustic homes, these exterior shutters are made from several planks of wood joined together.

Multi-tier Shutters: These multi-level shutters are popular in homes with large windows, as the multiple vertical sections allow for complete control over light and privacy levels.

Arched Shutters: A stationary exterior style, arched shutters are most often installed on colonial homes to improve curb appeal.

For more information on the countless window shutter styles, consult your local JC Licht expert!

Hunter Douglas Heritance™ shutters, plantation shutters, window shutters near Chicago, Illinois (IL) and midwest

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