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Chicago Summer Style 2022

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Hunter Douglas Design Studio® Roller Shades, summer style 2022 from JC Licht near Chicago, Illinois (IL) and midwest

Now that we’re officially a few weeks into the sunny season, it’s time to find your summer style! Seasonal decor doesn’t just have to be holiday-themed, so don’t get stuck with the red, white, and blues. With a whole world of summery interior design trends for you to take advantage of, you can bring your summer vacation right home to Chicago.

Catching the Vibe

Summer is the sun’s time to shine, and your decor deserves to as well! No, we’re not suggesting a palm tree mural, monogrammed pineapples, or investing in a collection of decor littered with beach lingo. Create a timeless summer look by embodying the feeling of the season rather than integrating the literal motifs. Make your home the trendiest new resort in Chi-Town by maximizing natural light, embracing color in unexpected ways, and finding inspiration from the tropics.

Hunter Douglas Pirouette® shades, summer style 2022 from JC Licht near Chicago, Illinois (IL) and midwest

Bring the Sunshine Inside

We all think of one thing when we think of summer: long, sunny days. Even when the sun is a bit too aggressive to enjoy outside - we see you, hot July days - you can bask in summer sunshine from the comfort of your air conditioning. Arrange your home to maximize natural light thoughtfully.

Opt for sheer curtains or window treatments instead of heavy drapes when thinking about windows. Made of light-filtering fabrics, sheer shades or curtains softly diffuse the sunshine to give you a bright, sunny space free from harsh sun rays.

You still achieve a bright, airy space full of magazine-worthy sunshine even if your room lacks natural light. Install mirrors across and perpendicular to windows to help bounce natural light around the room. Bonus: the mirrors will also help small spaces feel larger!

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Colorful Summer Styles

Nothing screams summer style more than bright colors and fun prints. Incorporating fun shades into a design can feel intimidating, so it’s a good thing that this year’s color obsession is all about introducing bright shades in unexpected ways.

If you’re an avid DIY-er, some of the trendiest ways to incorporate color are only a few hours of work. Paint the legs of your sofa, the casing of your window, or the molding around a room for simple ways to create a significant impact.

If you’d rather stay away from a paintbrush, source colorful accent pieces, such as pillows, candles, and artwork to cheer up a room. Never underestimate the power of a well-placed neon candle.

Hunter Douglas Design Studio® roller shades and drapes, summer style 2022 from JC Licht near Chicago, Illinois (IL) and midwest

Talking Tropics

Bringing the tropics to Chicago is much more than hanging a few palm tree prints above the sofa. Instead of focusing on tropical, beachy symbols, think about the feeling a tropical vacation invokes and find ways to imitate that through color, texture, and pattern.

If you enjoy experiencing different cultures while traveling, opt for eclectic decor by combining elements in unexpected ways. Instead of an evenly spaced gallery wall complete with matching picture frames, stagger prints in mismatched frames and incorporate additional details such as plates, plants, and textiles. For those that prefer a more relaxing getaway, fill your room with real or faux plants in statement pots. Layer some rugs and contrasting pillows to achieve an effortlessly chic look!

Chicago Styles for All Seasons

The design experts at JC Licht are here to help you achieve your design goals, no matter the season! With multiple locations across Chicagoland, we are ready to help you with your home improvement needs, including Benjamin Moore paints, Hunter Douglas window treatments, and more.

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