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The Importance of Color and Texture in Window Treatment Design

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The Importance of Color and Texture in Window Treatment Design available at JC Licht

Design dictates a room's aesthetic, so it's paramount to determine what style you like and how to embody it. The ideal design is born of various harmonized elements, including color and texture. JC Licht understands the importance of color and texture in window treatment design, and we want to dress the windows in your Chicago home with the perfect combination of both. 

What is Texture?

Simply put, the texture creates visual interest and adds personality to everyday items and areas. A tactile texture is one you can touch. It's your favorite perfectly broken jeans or the chenille throw blanket you curl up in to watch a good movie. The delicate, nubby surface of rattan shades is an excellent example of tactile texture you can find in window treatments. 

You can also create visual texture by using layers. An arrangement of vases in different shapes and sizes or wallpaper with a beautiful pattern are fabulous ways to introduce texture to your home. Layering linen drapery with bamboo blinds for an exquisite pairing of visual and tactile textures at your window. 

Color & Texture: A Dynamic Duo

Color is an integral part of any good design. Even people with minimal interest in interior design can tell you that dark, cool colors make a room feel less inviting than lighter, warm shades. The knowledge that texture is equally important as color in design is rare. The two go hand in hand, like functionality and performance. 

They both matter, and one isn't the same without the other. Color creates the mood - red is energizing, and green is refreshing. Texture affects how you feel about a particular color. A smooth, matte surface is more soothing to look at than a rough, spiky one. 

The Importance of Color and Texture in Window Treatment Design available at JC Licht

Window Treatments with Textural Appeal

You can incorporate texture into several places in a room, so why does the texture of window treatments make such a big difference? Windows are a natural focal point in a space. Color is most frequently the first attribute people notice, but the texture holds their attention. The uneven surface of bamboo blinds invites the eye to wander, which makes the room feel more spacious yet familiar. Your windows are a fantastic spot to bring texture to a room with a monochromatic color palette. Bamboo and rattan shades often feature variegated colors, which add flair while remaining within the balance of the chosen color scheme. 

Color and Texture for Every Window in Chicago

Upgrade your window treatments with fresh color and texture at JC Licht. We offer Chicago's largest selection of upscale wallpaper, Hunter Douglas window treatments, and Benjamin Moore paint. Visit one of our several locations across the Midwest or book an in-home consultation, and our designers will come to you. You can count on JC Licht to Make it Happen! JC Licht is the preferred provider of Hunter Douglas products for the Midwest and Chicagoland. Contact us today!


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