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Formal Dining Rooms Are Making a Comeback with Bold Colors

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Formal Dining Rooms Are Making a Comeback with Bold Colors

With social lives on hold for the last few years, formal dining rooms haven’t seen much use. That’s all starting to change. Formal dining rooms in Chicago homes are making a comeback with bold colors, and we couldn’t be more excited to help you bring yours back to life. 

The Modern Dining Room 

Your dining room can host holiday and social gatherings or be a space for you to connect with your family over a home-cooked meal. Formal does not have to be uptight and stuffy. A thoughtful dining room design can be anything you want it to be. Adding bold colors, whether on the walls or from other elements, brings a bit of whimsy to your dining area. 

Customary Curtains

Curtains are the undisputed champion of luxurious window treatments, but yours don’t need to be made from velvet to fit the aesthetic of a formal dining room. Any material that matches the decor of the room is fair game. The length of your dining room curtains is a significant factor in determining the formality of their vibe. 

Curtains that barely touch or “kiss” the floor are formal without being fussy, like ones that form dramatic puddles. If you don’t like long curtains, consider using shades for your dining room window treatments. 

All-Encompassing Color

You can take your bold color game to the next level by covering the walls, trim, and ceiling in the same hue. A deep blue-green, like Jade Garden 2056-20, is elegant yet exciting. You can keep the aesthetic from being too formal by choosing curtains that break half an inch above the floor rather than forming a puddle. 

Curtains are also an excellent place to incorporate a touch of contrast. If you’re head over heels for the bold shade on your walls and ceiling, you can choose a lighter hue of that color for your window treatments. 

Formal Dining Rooms Are Making a Comeback with Bold Colors

Contemporary Dining Choices

Dark hardwood is the traditional choice for formal dining rooms, but it’s not your only option. As long as your dining room design is cohesive, your table and chairs can have an eclectic or contemporary vibe. Step away from the usual China tableware and experiment with different shapes and materials. 

Many upscale brands are shifting their focus toward more eco-friendly products and business practices, so your dinnerware can make a statement while saving the environment. A bold chandelier hung from a brightly-colored ceiling is a remarkable way to bring personality to a formal dining room. 

Unconventional Colors

Seek out quirky color combinations for an impressive visual impact. Dark Royal Blue 2065-20 and Peach Cobbler 2169-40 are each bold colors in their own right; put them together to create a striking dynamo duo. 

If blue and peach are a bit much for your taste, try a more classic combination, like cherry red and off-whiteLyons Red CC-68 walls with Cloud White CC-40 trim will convey good taste without being too loud. Remember that shades are just as desirable in formal dining rooms as curtains. We recommend roller shades with an engaging print to quickly make a neutral color palette feel more refreshing. 

Boldly Colored Formal Dining Rooms in Chicago

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