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The Best Curtains for Each Room

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Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Drapery, bedroom curtains, living room curtains, kitchen curtains near Chicago, Illinois (IL)

Perfect interior design intentionally combines aesthetics and function, which is why you should purposefully choose décor based on each room. One of the best examples of this is your window treatments. With such varying functions, each room in your house will benefit best from a different curtain style. You may be unsure which to choose with so many different curtain styles. Narrowing down the options based on what room they’ll go in is a great way to help you decide!

Living Room Curtains

Full of life, light, and joy, the curtains in your living room or family room should reflect the easy-going nature of the space. This is where you and your loved ones gather and where you relax after a long day. Enhance your space by opting for sheer curtains in the living room.

Light plays a prominent role in setting the mood for a space. You want your living room to feel bright and full of natural light. Sheer living room curtains will allow natural sunlight to fill the room while also diffusing the harsh rays to create a soft, comfortable ambiance.

Available in as many colors and designs as you can imagine, sheer curtains can be just as aesthetically interesting as traditional drapes. Choose simple white sheers for a classic look, or go with colorful, textured curtains for a more fun take.

Hunter Douglas Luminette™ Window Sheers, bedroom curtains, living room curtains, kitchen curtains near Chicago, Illinois (IL)

Bedroom Curtains

Contrary to the living room, the bedroom calls for blackout drapery. You deserve ultimate privacy and peace in your sanctuary. Blackout drapes block out the outside world to help you disconnect before getting a good night’s rest. Enjoy a completely dark room free from distractions from the outside world.

Drapery is available in endless colors, patterns, and fabrics. Choose an exciting design or a soft, solid color - the choice is yours! Discover exclusive prints from renowned designers with the Hunter Douglas Carole Fabrics. No matter your style, you can find your ideal blackout drapes at JC Licht.

Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Drapery, bedroom curtains, living room curtains, kitchen curtains near Chicago, Illinois (IL)

Kitchen Curtains

Safety is the most significant factor in selecting curtains for the kitchen. As we discussed in our blog post about the Best Kitchen Curtains, it’s imperative to consider the placement of your window before selecting curtains.

That said, side panels are our recommendation for the best kitchen curtains. Rather than fully functional curtains, side panels give the same look with just two narrow, stationary sheaths. Less fabric makes side panels a safer option for the kitchen, which is full of potentially hazardous appliances.

Like drapery, side panels are available in almost any color and print combination you can dream of! You can even have your drapes and side panels made from the same fabric for a cohesive look throughout the house.

Curtains and Drapes at JC Licht

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